WATCH: CNN Focus Group of Independent Trump Voters Explains Why They Regret Supporting Him Now


Blokhra stated:

“When I voted for Trump, I was looking for change. I was looking for maybe the non-political person coming in and the businessman bringing his—you know, his expertise, his skills into leadership.”

“He’s not very focused. He’s not very sincere to whatever he decides to do. Things changed fast. For example, there’s with Putin and with Russia, right? There’s a comment that we’re hearing from Trump and then we are seeing all these sanctions being imposed as well.”

“So I’m not so sure who’s running the country right now and I’m not so sure—also very sure as to which direction we are going.”

Stephanie Martin, who is a Republican considering changing her party affiliation to independent also expressed regret. She said:

“I think I’m more feeling embarrassed as a lifelong Republican. I guess I would consider myself, you know, part of the religious right and now, the values that I see coming from the White House just don’t mesh up with what I believe.”

When Camerota asked the group to give an example or a moment that made them regret voting for Trump, they stated there were too many to choose from although the dark and divisive tone of his inauguration speech garnered mention.

Camerota then asked why the economy did not sway their opinions to continue their support of the President. But Dale Munholland who changed his party from Republican to independent gave credit for the economy to President Barack Obama, not Trump.

Nancy Celentano said the economy was a non-issue for her due to being overshadowed by the President’s policies, words and actions. She said:

“I’m not even thinking about that. I’m thinking about what he’s done to our country. Our country was supposed to be a country for the people and—you know, by the people for the people, and I don’t see that it’s that way anymore.”

“And we’re supposed to let people come in, like the immigrants. And what really broke my heart was when I saw those children being torn away from their parents.”

Miles jumped in and stated:

“Is this the America that I grew up in? I don’t think so.”

The other panelists concurred that it was not.

In addition to the issues with Trump’s foreign policy and zero tolerance border policy, the panel disliked the President’s and GOP’s treatment of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and other women.

Cohan stated:

“I don’t know where the bottom is anymore.”

Watch their remarks here.

All of the panelists said they plan to send a strong message to Trump and the GOP in the midterms. The midterm elections are slated for Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

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