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READ: Chris Evans Calls Lindsey Graham ‘Smithers,’ Asks ‘What Do They Have on You?’ After Graham Urges Donald Trump to ‘Declare a National Emergency’

That's gonna leave a mark.
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Walter McBride/WireImage/Jim Bourg-Pool/Getty Images

Presidents cannot just do what they want.

Does Graham really want to open this political Pandora’s Box?

The emergency is sitting in the Oval Office.

On Saturday, Trump backed away from his threat to invoke emergency powers under mounting pressure from his advisors and some Congressional Republicans.

“What we’re not looking to do right now is a national emergency,” Trump told reporters, though a few seconds later, he left the door open to that possibility in the future.

Trump shut down the federal government on December 22 after Congress refused to grant funding for a border wall. Negotiations to end the shutdown, now halfway into its fourth week, have stalled.

On Friday, Trump ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to look into siphoning disaster relief funds from hurricane-torn Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas, as well as wildfire-ravaged California to pay for for the construction of a wall.

This, however, would not bring the government any closer to reopening. Recent estimates pegged the cost of the shutdown at roughly $1.2 billion per week.

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