WATCH: Chris Christie Says Donald Trump Won’t Be Able to Help Perjuring Himself With Robert Mueller

Former New Jersey Chris Christie (R) told ABC’s This Week on Sunday that President Trump is sure to perjure himself if he agrees to speak with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Once one of Trump’s earliest and most vocal supporters, Christie has since changed his tune, becoming the latest former Trump loyalist to acknowledge the president’s apoplectic relationship with the truth.

Christie explained that Trump’s “salesman” attitude forces him to say things hyperbolically, which Mueller could easily turn into a perjury charge.

He should never walk into that room with Robert Mueller. Because in the end, one of the things that makes the president who he is, is that he’s a salesman. And salesmen, at times, tend to be hyperbolic. Right, and this president certainly has tended to do that.

Hyperbole may be excusable on the campaign trail, Christie added, but when you’re speaking with federal agents, lying is a crime.

Christie seems to be implying that Trump, 71, lacks the capability, or at the very least, the willingness, to distinguish truth from fiction.

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