PHOTO: Chelsea Clinton Slams Fake Photo of Hillary Clinton in Blackface: ‘Blackface Is Never Acceptable. It’s Not Complicated. Looks Nothing Like My Parents’

Are they serious?

Chelsea Clinton has seen numerous false allegation based attacks against her mother since childhood.

People thanked Clinton for the resources she provided on the history of blackface as well.

Many shared their admiration for the grace Clinton always exhibits when responding to such personal attacks on her family based on lies and conspiracy theories.

While one person suggested that in addition to calling out blackface, people should also call out other forms of racism with equal fervor.

Clinton agreed.

Chelsea Clinton married Marc Mezvinsky in 2010 and they have two children. Clinton wrote two books, one for young adults and one for children: It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired and Get Going! and She Persisted.

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