READ: California Assembly Speaker Writes: ‘Thanks to Your Policies, Voters…Added five Democrats to the Assembly In the Last Election’


The Trump administration has been no friend to California. Whether the President is threatening to halt emergency funding to the state during a wildfire to berating the state’s governor, Gavin Newsom, on Twitter, President Donald Trump has made his ire for the liberal bastion perfectly clear.

So it may have seemed uncouth when Vice President Mike Pence sent the California State Assembly a letter wishing its members a “productive and successful legislative session” on behalf of the President.

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon replied to the Vice President, assuring the White House that the Assembly would be just fine.

The letter begins:

“Thanks to your policies, voters in California added five Democrats to the Assembly in the last election. In addition, one Republican has decided to jump to the Democratic Party, citing the President’s extreme positions. We now have a three-quarters majority—plus one.”

After thanking the Trump administration for inspiring Californians to vote Democrat and lambasting Trump for the administration’s policies:

“Although you probably know this, I would add that your Administration has been largely unsuccessful in its court attempts to take away our rights as a state including our right to serve immigrants and refugees of all nations and religions.”

Twitter applauded Rendon’s response.

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