WATCH: Brian Kilmeade on Donald Trump’s Child Detention and Separation Policy: “Like It or Not, These Aren’t Our Kids”


But Fox’s sycophantic apology tour didn’t end there.

Also on Monday, ICE acting director Thomas Homan appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show and bemoaned ICE agents being compared to Nazis because they “are simply enforcing laws enacted by Congress.”

Known as the Nuremberg defense, captured Nazi officers claimed they were “just following orders” in their attempts to avoid prosecution for their roles in the Third Reich’s atrocities during the Holocaust.

“I think it’s an insult to the brave men and women on border control and ICE, to call law enforcement officers Nazis,” Homan told Carlson. “They’re simply enforcing laws enacted by Congress.”

Conservatives, and defenders of treating immigrants as criminals, either don’t care or would rather not acknowledge the truth about why people are trying to enter our country.

Most of them are claiming asylum, which is not a crime, and are fleeing violence and persecution from rogue actors within their countries of origin.

They come seeking a better life, often with no idea of what awaits them at our southern border. To them, America is the land of hope and opportunity.

Hope is all they have.

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