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After Ivanka Got Booed in London, 'Fox and Friends' Host Really Wants You to Believe That Booing Wasn't for Ivanka At All

Credit: Fox News

Fox News was working overtime Tuesday morning ahead of President Donald Trump's press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May. Trump's approval rating in the United Kingdom—where his presence has brought massive protests complete with Trump baby blimps and even robots—is a measly 21 percent.

One Fox and Friends host had to reach even further than usual to make the president, his family, and his administration look good.

This was most evident than when onlookers showered the president's daughter, Ivanka Trump, and National Security Advisor John Bolton with emphatic boos as the pair emerged from 10 Downing Street to watch the joint press conference.

But Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade was quick to assure that the boos weren't for Ivanka, but for Bolton.

Watch below:

The boos became unignorable, observed by a cohost who asked: "Does that sound like some booing?"

Kilmeade leapt to the rescue:

"It does. It's not for Ivanka, it's for John Bolton, he loves it. He pretty much is looked at as somebody who's the tough guy in that administration and he loves that label."

Given that Ivanka Trump is a far more recognizable face within the administration, having faced widespread criticism for using the White House to boost her business and—ironically enough—for her emails, it's likely that at least some of the booing was intended for her.

Which is exactly what people pointed out to Kilmeade.

But, wait, more importantly:

At least Bolton is likely willing to be the scapegoat. After all, "he loves that label."