WATCH: Brett Kavanaugh Says ‘What Happens at Georgetown Prep Stays at Georgetown Prep’


A video of Judge Brett Kavanaugh joking about his party days in high school is going viral on Twitter, providing ammunition to Democrats and progressives after allegations that Kavanaugh committed sexual assault surfaced last week.

Speaking at Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law in 2015, Kavanaugh reminisced about his days at Georgetown Preparatory School, where the students held a certain mantra.

“We had a good saying that we’ve held firm to to this day as the dean was reminding me before the talk,” Kavanaugh said.

“What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep.”

“That’s been a good thing for all of us, I think,” the judge joked.

The video prompted Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to ask: “is this really what America wants in its next Supreme Court Justice?”

Last week, a confidential letter sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee accusing Kavanaugh of the attempted rape of a classmate at a high school house party in the 1980s was made public without the author’s consent.

At the time, Kavanaugh was 17 and attended Georgetown Prep, a prestigious private school for boys in Bethesda, Maryland. His accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, a research psychologist, was 15 and attended Holton Arms School, a private all-girls academy also located in Bethesda.

The video of Kavanaugh joking about Georgetown Prep as if it were a bachelor party in Las Vegas has many on social media aghast in the wake of the explosive allegations.

“This didn’t age well,” actor Emmy Rossum said.

Kathy Griffin: “I bet,” referring to whatever “a good thing for all of us” may mean.

Remember Kristin Mink, the mom who confronted former EPA chief Scott Pruitt in a DC restaurant before he resigned? She chimed in too.

The video has fueled even more calls for Kavanaugh to withdraw his nomination.

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