PHOTO: Brain Scans of Toddlers Reveal ‘Severe Sensory-Deprivation Neglect’

Children raised in stressful homes, unable to interact with their surroundings, may suffer permanent brain damage.

Not surprisingly, the disabilities that accumulate at such a young age cannot easily be overcome, if at all. The earliest years of a child’s life are crucial.

Children who are treated with such extreme neglect may find it difficult or even impossible to form relationships. They may have difficulty relating to others, or show an unhealthy attachment to a few people in their lives, neglecting all other opportunities to connect.

“Although everyday levels of stress are necessary to stimulate normal brain development, excess levels can be harmful,” said Dr. Victor Carrion, a child psychiatrist at Texas Children’s. “We’re not talking about the stress of doing your homework or fighting with your dad. We’re talking about traumatic stress. These kids feel like they’re stuck in the middle of a street with a truck barreling down at them.”

Clearly, the world is in a curious place in history. In the US, where a candidate’s position on abortion can doom their chances of even assuming office, considerably less attention is given to the lives that children lead after they are born.

Right now, at best, Congress appropriates $8.7 billion in spending for child welfare. By contrast, the military budget under Donald Trump exceeds $700 billion.

More than one pundit has wondered if Congress truly has its priorities straight.

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