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After Donald Trump Tried to Slam a Retiring Republican Senator on Twitter, He Just Clapped Back With a Surprisingly On Point Hashtag

Alex Wong and Mark Wilson/Getty Images

President Donald Trump and Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) got into a Twitter spat Sunday after Trump suggested he was the reason Corker decided to not seek reelection.

"Senator Bob Corker," wrote Trump, "just stated that: 'I’m so priveledged [sic] to serve in the Senate for twelve years, and that’s what I told the people of our state that’s what I’d do, serve for two terms.' But that is Not True - wanted to run but poll numbers TANKED when I wouldn’t endorse him....."

"Bob Corker was responsible for giving us the horrible Iran Nuclear Deal, which I ended," Trump continued, "yet he badmouths me for wanting to bring our young people safely back home. Bob wanted to run and asked for my endorsement. I said NO and the game was over. I LOVE TENNESSEE!"

Corker fired back with hashtag "AlertTheDayCareStaff," referring to Trump's chaotic White House which saw two high-level cabinet resignations last week.

Trump also shut down the government over funding for a border wall, which, despite his campaign promises, Mexico will not be paying for.

These factors led Corker to tweet, "Yes, just like Mexico is paying for the wall... "

The most recent resignation, which announced the departure of Defense Secretary James Mattis, signified to many the loss of an experienced official who kept the worst of Donald Trump's foreign policy actions at bay. Some even referred to him as Trump's babysitter.

For this reason, some, like former United States Attorney Preet Bharara, appreciated Corker's call to #AlertTheDaycareStaff.

The White House is in chaos.

Others, however, inundated Corker's feed with frustration.

Why has Corker, one the earliest endorsers of Trump's 2016 White House bid, not stood up to Trump sooner?

Instead of working to put a check on Trump, Corker is retiring.

What a fun way to end the year.