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READ: Bill Mitchell Tweets: ‘God favors America. Trump favors America. God favors Trump’

That's some fuzzy math.
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GRANITE CITY, IL - JULY 26: President Donald Trump speaks on July 26, 2018 at U.S. Steel's Granite City Works plant in Granite City, Illinois. US Steel credits trumps plan to impose tariffs on imported steel to enable them to start idled furnaces. (Photo by Whitney Curtis/Getty Images)

Right-wing radio personality Bill Mitchell offered a rather perplexing defense of President Donald Trump on Monday, tweeting that God favors Trump because of “math.”

“God favors America,” Mitchell wrote, adding that “Trump favors America.” Therefore, Mitchell said, “God favors Trump.”

“It’s just math,” Mitchell concluded. Mitchell did not offer any math to back up his claim.

This is not math and Twitter jumped in to remind the “Your Voice” host that the evidence at hand supports a much different conclusion.

What’s more obvious, one user pointed out, is the favoritism coming from the Trump administration – toward Russia.

“Trump favors Putin. Putin favors Russia. Trump favors Russia.”

Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) fired back at Mitchell by saying “God favors everyone.”

Then came some other claims which actually made a lot more sense than Mitchell’s.

“There is like, no God tho.”

And since love is blind, and Ray Charles was blind, Ray Charles must be God.

“It’s just math,” after all.

And “much better reasoning.”

Given that Mitchell decided to arbitrarily confuse causality with correlation – a frequent mistake those poorly-versed in math and science make, Twitter offered some other examples.

“You suck at math.”

Mitchell’s “informal logic” didn’t take well on social media.

Neither did his “blind belief in superstitions,” which, of course, are not math.

“There is literally no math here.”

Mitchell got compared to a port-a-potty.

And then came excerpts from the Bible, none of which mention America but all of which mention God loving everyone.

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