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Bill Maher Just Rattled Off a Long List of Bonkers Things Donald Trump Has Done and Asked 'What If Obama Did It', and Yeah, We All Know the Answer

HBO via Real Time with Bill Maher/Youtube

As host of HBO's Real Time, Bill Maher isn't afraid to point out the partisan hypocrisy rampant in Washington, DC.

Maher interviewed Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) chairman Matt Schlapp about his support of President Donald Trump, whose two and a half hour speech at CPAC rallied Conservatives but raised eyebrows among everyone else.

After asking Schlapp about how he reconciles his Christian faith with his support of Trump, Maher brandished an oversized book called If Obama Did It, calling out the double standard of just how much Republicans are ready to tolerate from the executive branch when its head is no longer a Democrat or the first black President.

Watch below:

Maher took the position that Obama would've been impeached if implicated in any scandal similar to the many that Trump has found himself embroiled in.

"If his campaign manager went to jail, if his lawyer went to jail, if his national security advisor went to jail, if his albino assassin Roger Stone went to jail, if he had an affair with a porn star, paid hush money to a porn star, if he used an unsecure phone, if he gloated with the Russians in his office after firing the head of the FBI. Stop me if you find any of these..."

Schlapp didn't stop him, but Maher wasn't done.

"If he had unchaperoned talks with Putin—Can you imagine if Obama did that? If he said, 'I believe Putin.' If he gave his children jobs in the administration. What about this one? He scammed FEMA, we found out. He got $17 million out of FEMA, for damage that wasn't done during a hurricane, to Mar-a-Lago."

Schlapp finally responded in defense of Trump, citing all he had done.

"When people in the news media have this constant refrain that he has been so dishonest as President, they have to understand that for the people who supported him, they view him as doing what he said he would do."

Twitter agreed with Maher that Obama was held at a much higher standard.

Soon, people were recalling recent actions by Trump that Obama would've never gotten away with.

Like signing bibles and breasts at the same event.

Among other recent scandals.

No one knows which atrocity—if any—will be shocking enough to tip the scales against Trump.