WATCH: Betsy DeVos Answers if She’s Glad to Be Education Secretary: ‘I Am Indeed. Yes, Most Days I Am.’

Cue the eyerolls.

Days after national outcry against her proposed defunding of the Special Olympics and slashes to special education programs, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos sat down for a conversation with Jay Nordlinger of the National Review for the publication’s annual Ideas Summit.

Nordlinger, after asserting that he was glad DeVos is Education Secretary, asked DeVos if she felt the same.

She replied:

“I am indeed. Yes, most days I am.”

Watch below:

DeVos’s tenure as Education Secretary has been fraught with missteps and panned for horrendous policy proposals like making it harder for sexual assault victims on college campuses to get justice and cutting student loan forgiveness.

As a result, many made it clear that DeVos and Nadlinger were the only ones “glad” about DeVos’s appointment.

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