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Barack Obama Just Made a Major Announcement About the 2018 Midterms, and People Are Showing Their Love

"RT for this dude to be president again!"

Barack Obama Just Made a Major Announcement About the 2018 Midterms, and People Are Showing Their Love
CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 05: Former president Barack Obama speaks to a gathering of more than 50 mayors and other guests during the North American Climate Summit on December 5, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. The summit was held to bring together leaders from the U.S., Canada and Mexico to commit their cities to addressing climate change at the local level. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Former President Barack Obama has remained largely out of the public eye since President Donald Trump took office, much to the chagrin of liberals hoping to flip control of Congress and states to the Democrats in November.

All that changed on Wednesday.

The 44th president took to Twitter to share an en mass endorsement of 81 Democratic candidates running for public office, ranging from governorships and state-level cabinet posts, to state legislatures and the U.S. Congress.

"Today I’m proud to endorse such a wide and impressive array of Democratic candidates – leaders as diverse, patriotic, and big-hearted as the America they’re running to represent," Obama tweeted.

He followed up with a tweet containing a much-needed sense of optimism and hope, delivered as only Obama can.

"I’m confident that, together, they’ll strengthen this country we love by restoring opportunity, repairing our alliances and standing in the world, and upholding our fundamental commitment to justice, fairness, responsibility, and the rule of law," Obama wrote. "But first, they need our votes."

Twitter exploded with gratitude for the former president's outreach, and people really, really miss having him as the leader of our country.

Even one of the candidates who received Obama's endorsement chimed in.

Lauren Underwood, whom Obama appointed as a senior advisor at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is running for the U.S. House in Illinois. She received Obama's endorsement and shared her gratitude as well.

The dichotomy between Obama and Trump didn't escape social media's attention.

Flashback to when Trump endorsed Roy Moore, the Alabama Republican candidate for U.S. Senate who was accused of being a pedophile, and the retired sheriff and convicted felon Joe Arpaio of Arizona, whose current run for U.S. Senate was blessed with a pardon by Trump.

On Wednesday morning amid a flurry of tweeting, Trump claimed his former campaign chair, Paul Manafort, was being treated worse than Al Capone.

Others called on Obama to be more active to counter Trump's divisiveness, such as holding rallies of his own to fire up the Democratic base.

Remember when Obama lowered the federal budget deficit?

Maybe the blue wave is real after all.