READ: Michael Avenatti Asks Twitter: ‘Don the Con’ or ‘Con Man Trump’

Can’t really go wrong with either.

However, some didn’t like the two-name system and felt inclined to go with a write-in vote.

That’s when things got creative.

Avenatti didn’t just stop at nicknames either. He spent the day railing Trump when the White House requested an extension on the deadline to reunite the migrant children with their parents.

Avenatti took to using the #FightClub hashtag in a series of tweets in which he didn’t dismiss the possibility of running for president himself, saying only someone who’s a street fighter would have a chance at beating the president in a reelection.

Only time will tell if the nicknames will stick, but with Avenatti and Mueller exhaustively working against the president, a petty nickname should be the last thing Trump is worried about. Sadly, it probably isn’t.

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