WATCH: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Narrates ‘Art of the Green New Deal’ Short Film

This is art.

AOC is a powerhouse.

Trump, meanwhile, continues to deny the reality of anthropomorphic climate change. He has mocked the Green New Deal and spread misinformation, like the laughably false right-wing claim that AOC wants to ban cows.

Last month, the president shared a quote on Twitter that refers to climate change as “fake news” and “fake science.”

Patrick Moore is not a Greenpeace co-founder and is not taken seriously within the scientific community.

Nevertheless, the United Nations recently issued dire warnings to us all: clean up our act, or potentially face climatological armageddon by the end of the century.

Instead of listening to the experts and making necessary changes, however, global carbon emissions reached an all-time high in 2018 with no signs of abating.

“[Current] energy and climate policies are not sufficient to overcome the growth in economic activity or energy-use growth,” said Glen Peters, research director at Norway’s Center for International Climate Research and author of the Global Carbon Project’s report. “So there’s no other alternative but to ramp up policies, basically, otherwise emissions will keep rising.”

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