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U.S. Intelligence Officer's Wife Who Killed British Teen Is in Secret Talks with the British Government

Peter Summers/Getty Images

Anne Sacoolas, the wife of a US spy based in the United Kingdom, killed a teenage motorist, Harry Dunn, while driving on the wrong side of the road in August.

Claiming diplomatic immunity, Sacoolas returned to the United States and has since been able to avoid legal ramifications following Dunn's death. Dunn's family subsequently traveled to the United States as well, embarking on a media campaign to alert the public and to pressure the United States and United Kingdom governments to bring Sacoolas to the UK to face a trial.

Infamously, Dunn's family met the President at the White House only to learn that Sacoolas was in the next room. Trump and his staff hoped for an impromptu reconciliation in front of the cameras, but the family declined. They've since announced their intention to sue the Trump administration after the event.

Now, Sacoolas is reportedly in secret talks with the British government to face accountability for the accident. The talks, first reported by The Guardian, remain informal. Sacoolas's lawyers are reportedly working to negotiate a plea deal that would allow her to evade prison time.

Trump recently claimed that he had, in fact, arranged a meeting with Harry Dunn's family and Sacoolas, but that lawyers led to the meeting's cancellation. The Dunn family's lawyer said that was a lie, consistent with the Dunn family's long-held assertion that they'll only meet Sacoolas on UK soil.

Trump's intervention in the conflict seems to have only made things worse.

Sacoolas's talks with the UK are ongoing.