READ: Ann Coulter Tweets ‘Trump Proposes Amnesty. We Voted for Trump and Got Jeb!’

President Donald Trump is looking for a way out of the shutdown debacle he previously said he’d be “proud” to own. Now the longest government shutdown in history, the President attempted to sweeten the deal for Democrats, offering three years of protection from deportation to those protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy.

But in doing so, he may have made things worse for himself, especially where far-Right pundit Ann Coulter is concerned.

Coulter tweeted about the President, and she didn’t hold back:

While the Republican primaries in the 2016 campaign now may seem like a lifetime ago, Trump’s and 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s hatred for each other is somewhat unforgettable.

Trump would often refer to Bush as “Low Energy Jeb,” while also calling him “an embarrassment to his family,” a “sad sack,” and “not a man.”

The primary debates would get heated.

Many thought the burn was brutal.

A few Trump voters agreed with Coulter.

The burn could have more of an effect on Trump than many think, as Coulter seems to have a wealth of influence on the President.

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Evan Brechtel

Evan is a writer and editor based in New York. In addition to his work with Second Nexus, he freelances for a variety of sites addressing topics of queer culture and history. You can find his other work at Twitter: @EvanBrechtel