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Anderson Cooper Just Said What We're All Thinking About Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's Roles in the White House

Complicit is as complicit does.

Anderson Cooper Just Said What We're All Thinking About Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's Roles in the White House
Credit: CNN

A flabbergasted Anderson Cooper asked New York Times White House Correspondent Maggie Haberman what we're all thinking about President Donald Trump's eldest daughter Ivanka.

Cooper and Haberman were discussing the recent revelation that the President demanded a security clearance for his daughter, despite leading security experts' recommendations against it. Ms. Trump reportedly sought the high-level clearance to study briefing books on foreign trips, prompting Cooper to ask Haberman:

"What does sh—Why is she in the White House? Like what does she actually do?"

Watch below:

Haberman responded:

"In terms of foreign trips, it's a great question...I think there is an addictive quality to having access to this kind of information. What exactly Ivanka Trump needs to do with that information is unclear. She does have certain programs she has pushed for that have global impact, but those are economic, not national security based."

She also pointed out that Ivanka Trump still makes money from the Trump organization and hotels. "It's going to raise a ton of obvious questions...about not actually stepping back from businesses she has...and it is going to once again raise questions about the fact that the President and his family who are serving in the government did not really step away from the business," Haberman said. "And these are just obvious questions, there's nothing surprising about them."

Others provided additional answers to Cooper—none of them good.

Anderson Cooper went on to point out a vicious double standard. Cooper asked:

“If Hillary Clinton had won and she gave Chelsea Clinton a high-level security clearance over the objection of her White House chief counsel, the chief of staff, and Chelsea Clinton’s husband who’s also involved in finances also got a security clearance, wouldn’t Republicans justifiably be screaming from the rooftops?”

Seeing as just last week, Trump supporters were still chanting for Hillary Clinton to be locked up, the answer is probably yes.

This comes despite the fact that Chelsea Clinton has foreign policy acumen in spades.

The only high-level clearance Ivanka Trump should profit from belongs on her fashion line.