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Internet Hero Was Up All Night Tweeting at Donald Trump Every Time a Candidate He Endorsed on Twitter Lost, and People Are Loving It


Internet Hero Was Up All Night Tweeting at Donald Trump Every Time a Candidate He Endorsed on Twitter Lost, and People Are Loving It
U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House February 9, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

People observed election day 2018 in various ways. But one Twitter user—going by "Ally Maynard" and describing themselves as "writer / producer / wannabe cool dad. I make stuff for tv and the internet, but mostly for myself"—vowed on Tuesday afternoon to spend the night engaged with President Donald Trump on Twitter.

The President loves to use Twitter as a means of communicating his ideas and policies to the world. During the 2018 campaign heading into the midterms, Trump tweets included endorsements for a variety of Republicans.

Ally Maynard decided to keep the President informed on election night regarding those GOP candidates he endorsed with a tweet or two.

Maynard posted:

"Trump has endorsed 11 Republicans running for Governor, 31 House candidates and 13 Senate candidates and I've screenshot every one of them and will let him know every one that loses."

Then Maynard proceeded to follow through, tagging the President in each tweet and screenshotting his initial Twitter endorsement for good measure.

And it was a lot.

Maynard added snippets of commentary to each post, as well as a screenshot of the tweet announcing the winner to let Trump know the results for his candidate.

When Ho Chunk tribal member Sharice Davids made history twice with her win—becoming the first Native American woman to be elected to Congress and the first out LGBTQ person to serve Kansas—Maynard made certain the President knew.

Later in the night, Davids would be joined by Laguna Pueblo member Deb Haaland of New Mexico making the number of Native women elected to Congress two.

Maynard also made sure Trump knew when his close allies lost, like voter fraud conspiracy theory pushing Kris Kobach.

Each time, Maynard ensured the President would know the latest news by tagging his official Twitter account.

And after a lawsuit declaring tweets to Trump protected speech, the President no longer blocks Twitter users who deliver bad news. On and on the hits kept coming.

As Democrats wrested control of the House of Representatives from the Republicans.

In addition to losses in the House, Maynard shared Trump's endorsement and campaign rally failures in the Senate and in several high profile Governor races.

Including Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker who failed in his reelection bid despite Trump's endorsement.

In Colorado, Jared Polis made history as the first openly gay man to be elected Governor in the United States when he defeated Trump endorsed Walker Stapleton.

Democrats flipped seven state's Governor's mansions from red to blue.

People loved Maynard's dedication to keeping the President informed.