Alex Jones & Rightwing Media Implicate Leftist Antifa Movement in Texas Shooting Conspiracy Theory

Jones wasted no time blaming the left for this horrific act of violence.

John Cardillo, the host of Off the Cuff on Rebel Media, also suggested Antifa was behind the attack. Every last one of these rabid dogs need to be put down,” he wrote.

He also suggested that Democrats were “lecturing” conservatives on gun crime.

Additionally, The Gateway Pundit, a conservative blog which has in the past published unsubstantiated reports and spread conspiracy theories (and to which the president granted White House press credentials), tried to implicate CNN.

Kelley’s motive for the shooting are still up in the air, but not a single reputable news organization has suggested Kelley wanted to “start a civil war” or that he was a leftist protester. According to Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX), who spoke with investigators, it’s likely Kelley knew some of the victims.

“I’ve been talking to some community members. They think there was a relative there. It was not random,” Cuellar said. “There’s going to be some sort of nexus between the shooter and this small community.… Somebody in that church will help us find answers.”

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