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Soccer Star Just Used a Mic on the Field to Send a Passionate Message to Congress About Gun Violence

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images // Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Americans across the country were horrified on Sunday at two mass shootings 13 hours apart in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. They were the 249th and 250th mass shootings in the United States in 216 days.

The tone at Audi Field in Washington, D.C., however, was jovial as Philadelphia Union soccer team captain Alejandro Bedoya scored a goal against home team D.C. United.

The achievement didn't stop Bedoya from demanding that Congress act on the American epidemic of gun violence. While celebrating, Bedoya grabbed a field microphone and shouted for Congress to do something to "end gun violence."

Watch below:

Bedoya said:

"Hey, Congress, do something now. End gun violence. Let's go!"

Bedoya's use of his platform during a nationally televised game to call attention to gun violence and Congress's inaction on it was commended by many, including Philadelphia Union coach Jim Curtin.

Curtin stood by Bedoya's comments, saying:

"Look, I'm on Alejandro's team in the Philadelphia Union, and I'm on Alejandro's team in support of his comments on gun control. Again, 250 shootings this year. I'm on his side. It's outrageous, things need to change in this country for sure."

Bedoya is far from the only one calling on Washington to take immediate action on gun violence.

Several Democratic presidential candidates and lawmakers are calling on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to end the August recess for an emergency vote to curtail the epidemic.

As for Bedoya, Americans were cheering for more than just his goal.

We can only hope that voices like Bedoya's will finally compel Congress to act.