"I hear it has a good chance" of getting to the Supreme Court,” Collins said. "We've had a lot of the pro-life lobbyists working on it. We have a lot of national groups working on it."

Rep. Rich Wingo, a Republican House member who also worked on the measure, confirmed that Republicans are taking a more aggressive stance, after previous attempts to criminalize abortion in the state failed.

“The others haven’t worked," he told reporters. "We are going right through the front door directly after Roe.”

The spectacle on the Alabama Senate floor prompted many critics of the measure to rally for reproductive rights.

Randall Marshall, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama, said the Alabama Senate has more abortion measures in the "appellate pipeline" and characterized the current bill as a waste of taxpayer funds.

“With all of the problems that we face here in Alabama that cry out for funding, …. it makes no sense for this body to pass a bill that is just to going to add to the taxpayers’ bill and does nothing to address the real problems in Alabama,” Marshall said.