Al Franken Writes Scathing Letter to Jeff Sessions Calling Out Lies in Senate Testimony

Could this be the end for Sessions?

Senator Al Franken has some questions, about 8 pages’ worth, for Attorney General Jeff Sessions about Russia and Sessions’ Senate testimony.

The Minnesota Democrat sent a lengthy letter to Sessions Thursday, asking for his own account of interactions between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives. It follows in the wake of a guilty plea by a former Trump foreign policy adviser for lying to federal agents about his own contact with Russians.

Russia’s ties to the Trump campaign have been a bone of contention since Sessions’ Senate confirmation hearing for Attorney General.

During that hearing, then Senator Jeff Sessions responded to a question from Franken with a claim he had no interaction with any Russians during the campaign. However Sessions later stated he met several times with the Russian ambassador.

At an October Senate Judiciary hearing, under questioning from Franken, Sessions said he was unaware of any communications between Trump campaign surrogates and Russians. He added his disbelief that any occurred.

“I don’t believe it happened,” Sessions said at the time.

Franken’s letter points out the revelations about former Trump aide George Papadopoulos bely Sessions’ statements under oath.

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