Can Staceyann Chin Change the World’s Perception of Women?

Staceyann Chin, a lesbian immigrant from Jamaica, shares her story of becoming a single mom in New York – through health insurance problems, bed rest and then raising a baby inside her small Brooklyn apartment.

have about women generally without a man in it? This is why it matters to pick our pens, pick up our cameras, guitars and make our own stories and become captains of our own stories. Take charge of our own narrative in a direction that feel right and true to us in our own compass.”

Along with taking charge of their narratives, Chin also encourages women to take up space however they can, whether writing and performing in entertainment, sitting on New York’s subways or running for political office.

“We’re still very much marginalized in terms of where we’re allowed to go and how much space we’re allowed to take up. All of us need to take up as much space as we can. We’ve come such a long way from when we just got the right to vote as women, from when slaves [were] given over to the needs of other people, our lives’ goal … becoming the mistress of some man.”

Chin is already teaching her daughter to take up space. The two have staged numerous “living room protests” that they film and share on YouTube, including one where they shared their support for Planned Parenthood, stating, “Our bodies are our own.”

“Now we have a woman running for office. Whether you like her or not, whether you agree with her, it means the nation is shifting in terms of how much space women take up. It’s a very small shift and that shift has to be forced to grow, to progress by taking up space, why all women should run for office, to take over the world if that’s what [my daughter] wants me to do. Then I’ll find some other person to groom. I’m hoping she’ll want to take up space in the world because it’s her right to do so.”

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