Can Staceyann Chin Change the World’s Perception of Women?

Staceyann Chin, a lesbian immigrant from Jamaica, shares her story of becoming a single mom in New York – through health insurance problems, bed rest and then raising a baby inside her small Brooklyn apartment.

uphill battle, she said, because the gatekeepers of the country’s power and policy continue to view the LGBTQ community as outsiders.

“It’s kind of wild to me,” she said. “I still have people in my life—and good people, too—who are a little bit uncomfortable telling their children, ‘Staceyann partners with women. She’s a lesbian.’”

Loneliness and Financial Challenges

Along with challenging the cultural norms of race and sexuality, Chin hopes the show will shatter audiences’ perception of “the unending self-sacrificing long-suffering mother who doesn’t complain and should do it happily.” Instead, she said, she wants to share how becoming a mother has changed her life for the better, despite her refusal to be the mythical happy housewife exposed in Betty Friedan’s seminal book, The Feminine Mystique.

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“Your identity is completely changed, cracked open by the identity of this other person who all of the sudden takes urgent priority over you, especially in the first years,” she said. “All of your desires to go and be with your friends, have adult conversations… If you don’t have the support, people who allow you to do that, you really are stuck inside your own head, inside of your own house.”

But MotherStruck! isn’t just a story of racial or sexual identity or motherhood. It’s also a story about money. It cost Chin more than she expected to become expectant. After her first attempt at IVF, she discovered health issues that made pregnancy impossible, and the surgery that would correct it was not covered by insurance. Further medical and financial challenges arose, and Chin ended up

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