READ: The New York Times’ Original Headline: ‘Democrats Nominate Pelosi to Be Speaker But With Significant Defections’

We see you.

READ: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Writes ‘All Funds Unused After Completion of Security Expenditures Will Be Donated to Organizations That Support Trauma Survivors’

Some powerful words of thanks.

REPORT: US District Court Judge Mark Walker Extends Deadline for Voters to ‘Cure’ Ballots and Prove Their Identity to Saturday at 2pm

A win for democracy.

PHOTOS: Photo of Incoming Class of House Democrats Is Much More Diverse Along Gender and Ethnic Lines Than Photo of Incoming House Republicans

Says it all.

REPORT: Democrats’ First Bill in Next Congress Will Be to Institute Automatic Voter Registration and to Restore the Voting Rights Act

Hear, hear.

READ: Fox News Research Tweets Increasing Frequency of Mass Shootings (10+ Fatalities) From 1998 to 2018




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