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California Proposal To Legalize Killing Gays Hard To Stop

For less than the cost of an Apple iPad, Matt McLaughlin started a statewide legal conversation.

An attorney from Huntington Beach, McLaughlin in late February spent $200 to propose a ballot measure that authorizes the killing of gays and lesbians by “bullets to the head,” or “any other convenient method.”

McLaughlin’s “Sodomite Suppression Act” now is testing the limits of free speech and raising the question: Why can’t the state’s initiative process screen out blatantly illegal ideas?

The Legislature’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Caucus wrote a letter to the State Bar, asking for an investigation into McLaughlin’s fitness to practice law. More than 3,800 people signed a petition to State Bar President Craig Holden asking that McLaughlin lose his law license for advocating to “legalize the murder” of gays and lesbians.

Yet the measure is likely to proceed to the signature-gathering stage. At the moment, its fate rests with state Attorney General Kamala Harris, who is charged with writing a title and summary for the proposal. Legal experts say she has little choice but to let the process continue and that McLaughlin is unlikely to face professional repercussions.

Over the years, the $200 price tag for submitting an initiative has enabled California political activists to draft and submit thousands of orphan causes: eliminating divorce, requiring public schools to offer Christmas caroling, making criminals of those who lie during political campaigns.

Carol Dahmen, a media consultant in Sacramento who started the petition to disbar McLaughlin, argues that this one is different. Along with disbarment, Dahmen wants to draw attention to reforming the system, calling McLaughlin the “poster boy of what is still wrong with the initiative process.”

“It’s an interesting discussion about free speech, and I get that,” Dahmen said. “But this is a lawyer, and he’s advocating for murder.”

To begin collecting signatures for a ballot measure, advocates must first submit their idea, along with $200, to the attorney general’s office. As of Sunday, the office had received 125 public comments as officials consider whether to draft the title and 100-word summary for McLaughlin’s measure.

Legal experts point to a 1978 case in which then-Attorney General Evelle Younger rejected a measure he believed dealt with multiple subjects. The proponent sued, and the state Supreme Court ruled that Younger did not have the authority to delay or impede the initiative process while claims of a measure’s invalidity are determined.

Asked what authority Harris might have to block the current measure, political and election lawyer Tom Hiltachk said, “None.” He said the process of issuing a title and summary to an initiative proponent is a ministerial act and is not subject to discretion.

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  • MichaelLust

    I have to wonder if McLaughlin didn’t intent this as political satire, or a disingenuous attack on the initiative process. It is so obviously hateful and abhorrent that it is hard to imagine it was a serious, straightforward proposal, even in the mind of a bigot. But then, there ARE people just that crazy.

    • Charleigh Kimber né coyotenose

      Unfortunately, a lot of people are like this in reality, and if McLaughlin was the type of person to make satirical comments, there would be some prior evidence. I haven’t seen any yet. (Also, he’d be risking his livelihood by doing this, which is too big a thing for too little a statement for someone not motivated by irrational hatred.)

    • Jason Roder

      IIRC, McLaughlin has pushed fundie-esque ballot initiatives in the past; I think he might actually mean it.

  • Lesley Anita Burns

    Disgusting. This person should be fired.

  • Christopher Hall

    He is part of the American ISIS, using threats, fear, and violence to force others to live by their ultra-conservative religious beliefs.

  • Christopher Hall

    Harris does have a solution: give it the worst title and description she can: “The Moron Proposal: a vile suggestion by some monstrous moron who has deep and violent emotional problems (and is probably a closet case himself) to kill innocent people because he has no morals.”

    Then ask people to support that.

  • Cleve Carpenter

    i think there needs to be a ballot measure that states that anybody who wants to , could fuck Matt McLaughlin up the ass….

    • Toni Mohler

      I agree!! I have an extra $200 laying around for THAT good cause, let’s do this!!

      • Shredbo

        This comment is misleading

    • Cláudio Fortes

      Yes….hauhauhauauhauauhauahuahuhauahuahuauahua…..Matt McLaughlin is insane….¯_(⌣̯̀⌣́)_/¯

    • Matt Deaver

      I assume he is doing it to make a point, and doesn’t have any issues with the gays.

    • Duffy Johnson

      I suggest a red-hot poker.

  • Amra

    This woman and all others who speak of murder are sick, its like saying ” hey, lets go kill all straight and mentally challenged people”. This is just like what hitler did, its not okay. she is sick, she needs serious help, therapy maybe even sent to an asylum. When some jokes at work are made by people about this kinda stuff they’re instantly fired, farmers who abuse animals are instantly sent to court for animal abuse, where as this woman is romeing the streets talking about murdering humans and is still being heard. She’s obviously not okay at all, she needs to be fired and sent to court for her actions. By her appearance you can see that she isn’t mentally stable at all. Instead of applying that money to propose a ballot she should have paid to be sent to a mental hospital.

    • Parker Wolf

      McLaughlin is not a woman, he’s a dude.

      • Amra

        On picture he look like a Woman and he need emergency health help.

        • SomoDomoZozoToto

          it’s someone else, read the photo description again

          • Amra

            No no matter what he is a Woman or Man, Tat is not right to talk about the killing of any living entity .

  • Excellent proposal! It’ll stop the spread of diseases, STDs and AIDs. By the way, the Bay Area could use a 20 megaton blast or 9.9 richter scale shaking. That region needs to be purified from the muddy masses and poofters.

    • Samantha Jo

      You must not be aware that the dominant form of HIV transmission worldwide is through heterosexual contact.

      • Do you bang guys, Samatha, or use a turkey baster? Just want to know for the record here.

        • Samantha Jo

          I assume you’re deflecting the topic at hand because you’re actually ignorant regarding the matter, but thought you’d sound smart by throwing some ill-informed notion of disease into your comment, and can’t handle the fact that a woman called you out on it. Don’t worry – I’m sure your manhood is around here somewhere.

          • Er…..I’m pretty sure he’s trolling.

          • “Let’s play a game, shall we?”

          • Willow Thompson

            Pretty sure you’re wrong about the manhood Samantha Jo. That may be his problem.

          • Did you know that my Doctor Martin can make you say “Aaaaa”? Do you even know Doc Martin?

          • Beth Harvey

            samantha jo assume this ‘man’ has a manhood is assuming ‘way too much. you should realize trolls are eunuchs at birth and it makes them bitter and cranky.

          • Want a real discussion? Join me and others on VNNForum, “Beth”.

          • Toni Mohler

            I wish I could shake your hand. You are brilliant.

          • Make sure you use plenty of hand sanitizer afterwards, Toni.

          • Samantha Jo

            Thanks, I do what I can 😉

          • You’re a “woman”, “Samatha Jo”? That’s the funnest thing that you’ve said on here! Guess you forgot to make your FBProfile private, right?

          • Samantha Jo

            Oh, no! You saw my Facebook profile? My publicly social hiding place has been discovered! Whatever will I do? The shame! The horror! Lmao. You’re quite a riot, yourself. It’s even more obvious that you’re too ignorant to discuss the original topic, let alone attempt to defend your point of view, and so your only recourse is to resort to stalking my Facebook page to try to find something you can use as an insult. That’s pretty sad and pathetic. I guess you still haven’t found your manhood yet, huh. Pity.

          • What should I call you? A tranny or Cousin Itt? Cousin Itt sounds better.

          • Samantha Jo

            Lol, you talk as if you think saying such things will hurt me. Sorry (not sorry) to burst your bubble, but nice try. I must have really got to you with that lack of a manhood thing. Well, if you haven’t found it by now, there’s no hope for you. Or maybe you’re just annoyed since you keep trying to insult me and just keep failing miserably. That must suck, knowing that everything you say and do has no meaning whatsoever. Oh well. Not my problem.

          • Keep trying, basket case…

          • Samantha Jo

            I must be doing something right for you to resort to this foolishness. Guess I pressed more buttons than I thought.

        • Jason Larsen

          Someone is a closet homosexual. LOL

    • janie carpenter

      Your assumptions about STDs is incorrect. I am a healthcare professional and HIV is predominantly in the heterosexual community. Do you research, the truth is easy to find unless you are only getting your information from Fox News, in which case, I realize this is an exercise in futility.

      • Faux Jews? You’re a “healthcare professional”?! (Latent oxymoron in the end of that last sentence!!) The anial injected death sentence started with the homosexuals in the ’80s., sweetheart. Don’t get your panties all up in a bunch.

        • Jason Larsen

          It started in the 70s, moron.

          • Already knew that, clown. You and your fellow degenerates forced the APA to change “homosexuality” from a disorder to “normal”. Anita Bryant was right about your disgusting “lifestyle”. Get some mental help. It’ll benefit you for the rest of your life, especially what’s left of it.

          • Nathan

            Aw you seem upset. What lifestyle do you speak of? Going to work every day, paying taxes, going shopping, going to the movies? Yes, TRULY disgusting indeed! Oh the horrors! Did you know homosexuality is found in over 400 species, yet homophobia is found in 1? Funny that. What’s so disgusting? Anal sex? Because I’m pretty darn sure that isn’t limited to homosexual couples. Gay sex is straight sex. As a gay individual, I don’t plan on ever partaking in that type of sex, however I’m not going to judge anyone who does because it’s not in my place to judge. It sounds like to me you’re struggling with your own homosexual desires.

      • Are you flagging my posts as spam? You are truly a sorry and sick woman. You need to get some mental help asap.

    • jasonwheeler97

      If you were in Alaska, you would be sent adrift on an ice flow. That is what the Eskimos did with folks who had outgrown their use to society. You certainly have, or perhaps you never did have a purpose. Just taking up space.

      • By the way, genius, I’m not an Eskimo. I’m an European-American. I’m fighting to secure a future for White children, because the beauty of the White European women must not perish from the earth.

        • Samantha Jo

          Lmfao! Good luck with that.

  • Billy Howell

    I don’t really see an avenue to disbar the guy. I don’t like it any more than anyone else, but he knows it has to become law before doing it. Sounds like he’s using the legal system correctly even if it is to a despicable end.

  • Stephen Macurdy

    Wtf is this shit? I’m no expert on law but if something is so obviously ridiculous, vile, and disgusting it should be dismissed and disregarded and never brought back up again and the person who even suggested the idea should be stripped of whatever license that gives him the “power” to even come up with these stupid ideas.

    I am so over homophobic people. How hard is it to just accept something that doesn’t even directly effect you? I am glad my generation is 99.9% supportive of people with diverse sexualities, genders, and races, etc. but this previous generation is pissing me off. Get over yourselves and stop acting like two males kissing is the most disgusting thing you have ever seen when in reality the most disgusting thing you see is when you look in the mirror.

  • Toni Mohler

    I would like to start by saying I’m straight, I have been my whole life and will continue to be. Feel free to spew your warped hatred in the comments for this post, but I am going to say what I need to say regardless. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY!!! nor is there anything wrong with lesbians. transgenders, sisgenders, or anyone else!! If you allow this to go through, what will stop them from going after another group? And what if the next targeted group is one you belong to? We cannot stand by and let this abomination become legalized. God said love the sinner hate the sin, killing people wouldn’t be the easy way out at all, now would it?? Please stop you are causing so much more harm than you are aware. I’m sure somewhere in your mind you believe you are doing the right thing but you are NOT. Please be more accepting. Please stop the blind hatred.

  • Neal Washburn

    So, here is what I don’t understand… Why is this guy not in violation of California Penal Code 422 PC which defines the crime of “criminal threats” (formerly known as terrorist threats)?

    A “criminal threat” is when you threaten to kill or physically harm someone and that person is thereby placed in a state of reasonably sustained fear for his/her safety or for the safety of his/her immediate family, the threat is specific and unequivocal and you communicate the threat verbally, in writing, or via an electronically transmitted device.

    • Jarred Leverton

      Because he hasn’t made a ” specific and unequivocal” Threat. He’s not saying he’s GOING to kill gays, regardless of the law. He’s asking for the state to SANCTION him killing gays. Minor change of semantics, huge legal difference.

      But it goes without saying that it’s vile either way.

      • Kyle McHattie

        I would argue that Neal is correct. Asking the state to sanction murder is by all definitions a threat. I think he has something here.

      • J Livingston

        They can apply it to this case. They have applied it to less applicable cases over the years.

  • Alex Pardue

    I think this is ubsurd . People shouldn’t have to worry about being killed because of who they are. As a gay kid that makes me think I should hide who I am so I don’t die.

    • Gary LaBossiere

      Thats sad. Sorry to Alex, simply put people can be hateful sometimes. Live your life and have fun, don’t let others stress you out is my best advice.

  • Elizabeth

    What in the actual f***? Being gay isn’t wrong, but murdering someone is. And Murdering someone because of their sexuality is sick and horrible, were all people no one is better than anyone else here. .-.

  • Patrik Duffey

    I agree this is stupid he shouldn’t be aloud to kill gays, lesbians , transgender, etc. just bc of religious beliefs for all we know god could have been gay no one knows bc none of us lived in that age and time period if any of you have seen the purge then you will know wut I’m talking about if he is trying to make it legal for homosexuals to be killed bc they choose to love the same gender as they are then they should be able to make it legal for all crime to be aloud for 1 time a year for 12 hours bc thats wut he is doing he is making murder legal against homosexuals this is the most stupidist law ever.

  • shayneo

    “psycopathic extremist bill to enact christian sharia by murdering innocent minorities”

  • Sarah Shelton

    should be a measure on the ballot to kick the morons out of the state starting with the idiot who wrote this bill

  • John Metal

    Make submitting illgeal ideas, illegal. Too simple?

    • Jarred Leverton

      Yes, because it would defeat the entire purpose of our legal system. Many things are or have been made illegal as a side effect of an overly broad piece of legislation, then later clarified with new, more specific legislation. What he’s proposing is vile, but it’s the legally correct way of being vile. It’s also protected speech. We don’t have to like it, and we don’t have to forgive him for it, but as a society who embraces their Freedom of Speech, we must accept his legal right to say it. (Although it should be noted that Freedom of Speech does not mean freedom from repercussions. We can absolutely ostracize him from society from it.)

  • Silence Is Golden

    I don’t understand how something blatantly unlawful could even be considered to be made into a law.

  • Liyah Jones

    I am a lesbian, but I am also a young lady, and I carry myself as such. I don’t like the fact that no one is really doing much about this situation! This guy and whoever agrees need to have the life slapped out of them! Just because you don’t agree with the way someone does something does not give you the right to murder them!, yeah I know in the bible it says that it is a sin, but the bible also says that God states several times in the bible to come as you are and that he loves everyone equally and as they are. If you believe and abide by his rules then there is no way that he will not forgive you and love you for you! And he obviously doesn’t know anything about whatever religion he is practicing! Lord knows I love him, who I am at heart, and he sees everything! Man has no right to decide the law, and people must also remember that man wrote the laws down as well as the ones in the bible; so of course things will be added and taken out or even altered. Honestly no one knows except God, and everything man does must be answered unto God, and as Jesus said you can’t get to the Father except through him. McLaughlin’s time to answer to his wrong doings will come on judgement day! I just wish all of us in the world would worry less about everyone else’s actions and more of our own, cause nobody can stand before God in our places to be judged!

  • Dee Day

    When does the hatred stop…I feel personally and emotionally attacked.
    I wont let this rest, I hope this outrageous post goes viral and I will do all I can as a Gay Texan to see that you personally have repercussions for your lack of knowledge.
    Do moving forward realize this is 2015…perhaps its time you realize we exist, we love, we feel, we show compassion…but honestly I wouldnt spit on you if you were on fire.

  • Donna Coulon

    This is not free speech. Him. I think i will spend the money to propose a bill to put thus udiot in a nut house!!! Does he live hitlet as well??? WHAT THE FUCK!!!

  • Philip J Viavattine

    I believe his point was to put a stop to stupid, nonsensical ideas that are put forth. In order to get the most compelling interest to look into the matter he chose to attack a group that has a large and loud voice in the state to bring the matter up to correct the flawed procedure. Lets say he started a petition to kill anyone convicted of murder no appeals no nothing just a bullet. Sure there would be some protests but not to the extent this one developed. So instead of looking at the problem they are attacking the writer for being anti gay which is more than likely not the case. He used extreme measures to obtain extreme responses it’s just that they all seem to be pointed at the writer and not the process. Sooner or later someone is going to sneak one through this petition process that has the appearance of being benign but in reality will have some serious consequences. Don’t think that can happen. Remember the Volstead Act when that became the Law of the land I’ll wager few Americans would think that Crime would become organized and that the only ones who would make money would be the criminals and that the Government would end up spending far more than what they lost in revenue. How about if someone started a petition that every citizen be required to own a firearm or that every citizen be required to carry a firearm at night? The system is flawed not the petition stop and think people.

    • Sherri Boyd

      This occurred to me also. I hope that’s what he’s doing as opposed to actually believing in his proposal; however, dangerous business he’s messing around in.

  • Vape

    They sound like terrorists to me

  • Kerry

    this is fucked up

  • Samantha

    Yes we have the right to freedom of speech but we all have the right to be who we wanna be, yes people judge but that’s just words and the fact that this lawyer basically wants to make murder legal only towards gays is descrimiting. What about the rapists, the drug dealers, kidnappers, pedophiles, Christians or Catholics etc. Should we make it legal to kill all those people ? Hmmm ask your self that question. IM A LESBIAN AND PROUD OF IT & I WILL NEVER STOP LOVING MY WIFE BECAUSE PEOPLE JUST WANNA HATE.

  • Gamergalforgals

    WTF is wrong with people? Seriously.
    Besides the U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled on this very issue. In 2003, the court’s decision in Lawrence v. Texas made same-sex sexual activity legal in every U.S. state and territory, and that decision cannot be overturned by a ballot initiative in California.

  • jasonwheeler97

    This guy obviously has some loose screws. What he has also done is publicly expose himself and his business because of his foolishness. People have been posting his business address online. Don’t you know he’s going to be sorry when the protestors start harassing him. What a dope.

  • nizzratt .

    so . . . for the money they(mclaughlin or his self-righteous advocates) are willing to spend to forward this it is unreasonable to ask that they take care of all the administrative costs.

  • Guest

    The Fuck is wrong with her?

  • Cláudio Fortes

    This Matt McLaughlin can only be mad, make a proposal like this can not be something conceivable in the XXI century.

  • Katrina Mccune

    Jus dumb people in this world who thinks of these things jus hatful and discusting I could not live in this world if sht like this ballot passed jus stupid as fuck

  • Tjaart Nienaber

    Ok, so this is gonna be a mouthful from me, but his whole thing is making me go – Why and how?

    It saddens me to think that we live on one of the smallest planets in this big universe and that our sun is a few billion times smaller that the biggest star they could spot, this far. And look at the petty things that people and leaders quibble about. Seriously?

    I would like to ask McLaughin the following:
    What punishment is appropriate for – The man that raped and killed your wife? The pedophile that destroyed your child for life? The person that helped your loved one overdose on drugs and died? What about the people at the top that created a false monetary system that failed everybody and actually crashed? What about the people killing this planet? What will we do with theses culprits?

    Further more. Seeing that this was made a religious witch hunt, I want to state the following(please note that I am not religious at all, but I do carry knowledge of the Bible):

    Firstly, everything that was used in the documents are based on quotes from the Old Testament in the Bible. In the New Testament your Jesus said that you shall not judge anyone and that they will receive their befitting punishment from God. So Mr McLaughin, you can’t even follow a direct instruction from your own god, which is “McLaughable”. Secondly your Jesus stated that you will live according to His instructions in the New Testament. Seems like another instruction that was missed. The New Testament also says not to impose the religion on anyone and not to violently go after those who don’t believe as they will be judged on how they lived their lives and what they believed in their hearts.

    The following paragraph is not my belief system just facts from the Bible. Let us have a look at the Old Testament : In Leviticus God referred to the Children of Israel not Christians, when he spoke about a man being with another. So the widespread witch hunt is not applicable especially if these people do not belong to the specific religious order. This was taken on in an incorrect manner. In the New Testament it say that Jesus paid for everybody’s sins, though the “crime” is not commendable. If you choose to live by the Old Testament(which was abolished in the New) please remember that all the old laws also state that no one with a deformity or disability should enter the church(the old Tabernacle – not modern church). Do you also realize that the Bible says no one else from any other race shall enter the church – and in those days the “Children of Israel” were from Hebrew and Arabic decent. So no white, black, indian or mixed race are allowed. In other words, McLaughin is not allowed in church… LOL!! Also, in Hollywood where divorce is an ongoing thing, in the Old Testament it says that when a woman divorces she may not marry again, but the husband can?? Did you read the punishment for a women that remarries?? Do people in Hollywood live by this?? Remember whom wrote the Bible and that it comes from an area where women still do not have many rights. I urge people to really review their facts if they want to make bold religious statements. Please remember that your God said that if anyone (In the Old Testament) that should anyone twist or turn the words of the Bible they should be put to death… Then should Mr McLaughin… All of this from the God of Love?

    I do think that this is a personal fear based on a hidden agenda for personal gain down the line. Nothing more.

    Religion is for those who are afraid of hell. Spirituality is for those who have been there already.

    Lots of love to all my fellow homosexuals across the world all the way from South Africa!!!

    • Sherri Boyd

      so nicely said!

      • Tjaart Nienaber

        Thank you. I am shoked that people think this way. Since the gay murders in the middle East started recently where they pushed men off buildings to fall to their death, I have been very vocal about these things. Much love.

        • Sherri Boyd

          I am glad you have been vocal about this. So have I. The human race never seizes to amaze me. As a psychotherapist, when I think I’ve seen it all, I am surprised anew.

  • TanikasMisadventures

    Can I pay $200 for a law that says “Religion should not in any way, shape or form be used in a decision making process, that will affect the lives and livelihoods of fellow human beings, and especially to those who do not follow the religion in question” Please?

    Religions should not affect other peoples lives when there is no proof nor basis to religion, and religion is just as truthful as harry potter at the moment, with how its been passed down during the years and the chinese whispers effect

  • Rudy Stubbs

    And yet…..there’s no hue and cry from these guys about legally murdering infants in the womb. Go figure.

    • Charleigh Kimber né coyotenose

      By definition, infants are born. Likewise, only people can be murdered. Actual people, not might-eventually-be-people.

      It’s telling that you try to change the subject.

  • sth_txs

    I would sign the petition just to see what would happen in the election. Kind of funny how government works or does not. If you are a gay leftist who thinks guns should be taken away from people or statist causes, I don’t have much sympathy for you. Leftist and rightist supports lots of things I find offensive as well.

    • Charleigh Kimber né coyotenose

      So there was no way for you to state your position without using “gay” as a pejorative?

      • sth_txs

        Okay, what would should I call them? Please enlighten me. Gay American? Homosexual Americans? I personally identify as an Aryan American/Heterosexual. Everyone else can choose right?

        I have to wonder what Jack Donovan would think about this; he is one my favorite ‘gay’ authors. Or is he something else? I’m really sick of this PC BS in this country.

        • Charleigh Kimber né coyotenose

          It’s that whether or not someone is gay has nothing to do with gun control positions, so adding it in there makes it look like an insult. It sounds like it’s not what you meant. If that’s the case, I apologize.

          • sth_txs

            Most gays are leftist, so I’m little tired of hearing about how offended they are when some of their ideas are just as offensive and jeopardize my right to self defense or property. First you start out with my use of ‘gay’, and then came up with this other nonsense.

          • Charleigh Kimber né coyotenose

            Most gays are liberal or progressive, not “leftist”. That’s a whole other thing.

            I was clarifying my original position. Your defensiveness over what should be a trivial correction, unfortunately, indicates that I was right the first time. It looks like you just wanted to attack gay people, no matter how you want to badly spin it with Jack Donovan. A hell of a lot of racists watch professional basketball, after all.

          • sth_txs

            No, you are not right. And you don’t know me anymore than I know you. Speaking of racism, many liberals/progressives/communist are some of the worst racist since few choose to live in a majority minority neighborhood or send their child to failing school with ‘them’. I’m still waiting to hear from a white liberal that would love to have their daughter marry a Trayvon Martin or a Micheal Brown.

            So, yes, your point on racism is well taken. You must be one of the racist?

      • Jason Larsen

        I’m still wondering how guns can be taken away from either people, or statist causes?

        • Charleigh Kimber né coyotenose

          Oh me also, but I was trying to keep on point. There was no point in both sides ranting half-hysterically. 😛

  • Tom from NYC

    Call Matt Matt McLaughlin, and let him know what an idiot he is, and that he should be disbarred for even proposing that an illegal act be considered for legalization. Let’s not even mention the fact that he is wasting taxpayer dollars on this non-sense.
    His phone number is: (949) 285-7902 … Give his office a call and let him know what you think.

    • Sherri Boyd

      Oh…You did your homework! I’m trying to imagine all the calls he’s getting….too many to imagine

    • Jason Larsen

      Can you get his cell phone number?

  • Brandon Phillips

    I hope he is charged with terrorism and attempted murder after his initiative fails. He clearly has devised a plan for killing a mass amount of people.

  • Eileen

    Why the hell is he even focused on the LGBT community when he should
    rather be focusing on the murderers, rapists and pedophiles all over the
    world, or is that some how legal in his eyes ? Bloody moron

  • Timothy Johnson

    Where the he** do these people think we live, Russia?

  • Haley Bee

    what in the everloving fuck

  • Bite Me You Loser

    Santa is leaving reindeer droppings in this idiots stocking.


    Christian Taliban hates as much as ISIS.

  • Jack Schwend

    Where do these asses come from? How can this bastard walk the streets. Oh,I’m sorry,he’s a lawyer. Just another really bad example of one.

  • Daniel Lewis

    This is a act of terrorism and nothing more if they let it go on it will then be a act of state-sponsored terrorism where is the guys in black to take this nut job to Guantanamo Bay detention camp for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Saying take him to Guantanamo is almost as extreme as the proposed measure itself. How about we just step back from the cliff of extreme over reaction for a minute.

      • Daniel Lewis

        sorry you think its a bit extreme but this bill would be the same as if instead of “LGBT” we put in fat people or cops or some group people of a color it would be Terrorism would it not and in fact if you say to a group of people we/I will hunt and kill you for this reason you can and will go to jail for acts of TERRORISM its the law

  • Fox Doge

    Yeah you know what, fuck these homophobic assholes. I hope anyone involved in this gets raped you fuckin’ pieces of shit.

  • Jason Larsen

    If 1 million Californians with $200 to spare would go out and file a ballot initiative (yes, 1 million citizen ballot initiatives in the same year), and make each one equally vile, like simply re-wording this one for each race, religion, ethnicity, people that own green houses, people that play Xbox, whatever. That would cost the state $7.8 Billion to process – I guarantee they would raise the fee and change the requirements, and they’d do it really quickly.

  • Maureen Skaar

    if anyone else had a plan for outright murder and actually gave it to those in power, he’s be considered a head case and a danger to society at large..with this little gem if you THOUGHT someone was gay, you could dispatch them by any means available and sort it out later. oh, shit, you mean he wasn’t gay? well damn! this guy needs to be stopped in his tracks..

  • brett

    YOU all must be good Christian’s because you want is death and hate , but want the gov to do it for you like low life

  • Sky Wheeler

    What kind of man is this person?!?!!?! Is he still eligible to be considered human?!

  • Sally Fisher

    Let’s pitch in to buy the idiot Matt McLaughlin a one way ticket to Uganda where he can find like-minded sick bigots.

    • I’d rather avoid that. Here, he can’t really do any harm. He can propose stupid ideas and get laughed down. There … he might actually implement them.

  • Saika

    He sounds like he’s been brainwashed to think he speaks for God. It seems to me he’s trying to start a war, in the country, with a lot to gain for himself. He appears to know that its a fools venture yet, he still moves forward with this. He’s acting like he’s trying to lay the ground work for a gruesome genocide. Even for the people pro this, can the world afford yet another genocide led off or into an even worse war? I’m sure when the soldiers come back from a war-zone, they definitely do not want to enter another one. One hate crime is enough to start a movement in either direction or from both.

  • Sally Fisher

    You’ve got a point Kelderic, though that was my way of laughing him down.

  • Timothy Johnson

    Where do these people think we live, Russia? Because they have pretty much the exact same laws there. Here’s an example of how such a law is used and how even innocent straight people can suffer as a result of a “let’s kill anyone we want, because we think they are gay, but have no proof” law


  • Starman

    First we kill all the lawyers…
    I’ll call it the Shakespeare Initiative

  • rwgunn

    At what point does the promotion of this bill become active encouragement to kill other humans?

  • Andrew Wassenberg Burkenbine

    I don’t see the problem. It won’t ever become law. People can draft any idiot proposal they want but it has to be voted into law .

  • Jacky

    well then….how…how does a person like this function in normal life…just..how?

  • Daniel Styles

    Did anyone actually read the article before they went super SJW?

    He’s making a criticism of the legal process. He’s not legitimately trying to kill gays. He is making a statement as to the potential shortcomings of the system in place to screen (or in this case, not screen) obviously malicious or hateful propositions.

    Damn people. Read, comprehend, respond.