Police Say Bland Hanged Herself in Prison; Family Says No Way. Then the Grand Jury Weighed In.

Activist Sandra Bland appeared healthy and normal after being rough handled and arrested on a dubious traffic violation. She would up dead in her jail cell a few days later. Few believed she or her family would find justice.

[Digest: CNN; NBC News; NYTimes]

A grand jury in Texas has decided not to issue any indictments for the death of Sandra Bland.  Bland, a 28-year-old African-American woman was taken into police custody after a routine traffic stop. She was found dead in her jail cell three days after her arrest.

Speaking at press conference, special prosecutor Darrell Jordan announced that “[a]fter reviewing all the evidence in the death of Sandra Bland, a Waller grand jury did not return an indictment in the death of Bland, nor were any indictments returned against any employee of the Waller County Jail.”

The Grand jury met with special prosecutors on Monday for approximately eight hours before making their decision.

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Answering media questions after issuing his statement, Jordan assured reporters that prosecutors had, “left no rock unturned and the grand jury, anything that they’ve asked for we’ve done our best to give it to them.”

The grand jury finding only served to confirm the

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