Canada Will Pay US$600 Million In Forced Adoption Restitution To First Nations People

After court ruling, Canada negotiates settlement with ’60s Scoop survivors in ‘first step’ toward reconciliation with Indigenous victims.

While not in all adoptive families, many children endured emotional, physical and sexual abuse and suffered lasting trauma. Some took their own lives. But implementation of this revised policy was due to the widespread abuse pervasive in the boarding school system.

“The court case that spurned this settlement found that there was a terrible legacy of emotional, mental and social problems affecting these people…,” stated Ian Austen who covered the story for The New York Times.

”[A]s kids, they were bullied by white kids at school. So, they never felt, even if they were with a loving family, …part of white… culture, but they really couldn’t go back home because they didn’t know the language… they had been completely pulled from that culture as well.”

So, there was this whole generation of people who grew up in kind of social, cultural, emotional limbo.”

Some children went into homes in Canada far from their ancestral lands. However others went to the US, UK, Australia and other countries. Targeted white communities saw advertisements for the children.

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