Canada Will Pay US$600 Million In Forced Adoption Restitution To First Nations People

After court ruling, Canada negotiates settlement with ’60s Scoop survivors in ‘first step’ toward reconciliation with Indigenous victims.

Friday’s announcement is the culmination of those talks. While the original lawsuit covered only Ontario Natives, negotiations expanded the agreement to cover all of Canada. All First Nations and Inuit children removed from their homes between 1951 and 1991 can apply for compensation.

Talks continue for a final agreement, but the government set aside $750 million for individual compensation with $75 million for claimant legal fees. They earmarked another $50 million for a foundation dedicated to reconciliation initiatives

If more than 20,000 claimants, each individual will receive a payout of $25,000. If fewer than 20,000 claimants, each will receive up to a maximum of $50,000.

Indigenous survivors from as far away as Scotland and northern California rallied to hear the landmark announcement.

Chief Marcia Brown Martel
Chief Marcia Brown Martel, the lead plaintiff in an Ontario class action lawsuit related to the Sixties Scoop, drums out of Centre Block on Parliament Hill. (The Daily Gleaner / Facebook)

Most of the children adopted or placed in foster care weren’t educated about their Indigenous roots. By losing contact with their families and communities, they lost their language, culture and identity.

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