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READ: Jim Acosta Tweets ‘WH Official Has Told the WH Pool That Trump’s Move Is’ ‘Not a Response to Pelosi.’ ‘Fact check: Yeah Right’

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Jim Acosta and President Donald Trump (Photos by Mandel Ngan and Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty images)

For most of his presidency, the Trump administration and Trump himself have instilled a visceral abhorrence of Acosta in many of the President’s supporters. Because the message came from him, some Americans were determined to dismiss it.

Speaker Pelosi—who is second in line for the Presidency—declined to pursue a commercial flight to make the trip for obvious reasons of security. Before noting the threat the President’s spotlight on the trip brought, she remained demure when addressing whether or not the instance was a retaliation, asking a question that many Americans need to answer: “I don’t think the President would be that petty, do you?”

Do you?

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