WATCH: Aaron Rupar Tweets: ‘I Know They Seem Like Parody But I Swear All These Don Jr. Quotes Are Real’

Fox and Friends is beloved by President Donald Trump and his supporters, largely because of what many see as a willingness to subvert facts in favor of perpetuating a positive portrayal of the current administration.

Such was the case in Donald Trump Jr.’s appearance on the show Monday morning. Claims like the majority of hate crimes being hoaxes, the Russia investigation being a witch hunt, and that residents of downtown Chicago shoot Trump supporters on sight went largely unchecked.

That didn’t stop Vox journalist Aaron Rupar from pointing out Trump Jr.’s false assertions claim-by-claim in one wild and winding thread.

While there has been economic growth under the Trump administration, the economy is growing at a slower rate than it did under Obama, whose policies are widely credited for ending the recession that began under Bush. The unemployment rate also began shrinking at a rapid rate under the Obama administration and continued as Trump inherited the Presidency in 2017.

There is no evidence that Instagram is censoring Donald Trump Jr. or other Conservatives on the basis of political beliefs.

In fact, many of the crimes are recent. The indictment of Trump associate Roger Stone details actions taken by Stone to circulate stolen emails obtained by Wikileaks. Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, who pled guilty to campaign finance violations, said explicitly that he acted “at the direction of the candidate.” These charges and pleas alone are directly related to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

The New York Times cites a study by California State University that found fewer than 50 false reports of hate crimes out of 21,000.

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