READ: 19 Instances of Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Jay Sekulow, Rudy Giuliani & Others Denying Trump Knew About the Trump Tower Meeting

They were unambiguous in their denials.

Thursday, CNN reported that Michael Cohen —longtime lawyer, confidant and fixer for President Trump— claimed the President knew in advance about the meeting between his son, son-in-law and at least one Russian operative at Trump Tower in June 2016.

If true, many consider this a bombshell revelation since Donald Trump himself, as well as many in his orbit have consistently denied his knowledge of that meeting.

Including the President himself in a tweet on Friday:

But that certainly wasn’t the first denial. On Friday, CNN compiled a list of 19 times the Trump campaign, administration and bevy of personal lawyers denied the President knew in advance about the meeting.

Here are the 19 denials CNN found, beginning with denials by the President himself…

Reuters interview on July 12, 2017:
“No. That, I didn’t know. Until a couple of days ago, when I heard about this. No, I didn’t know about that.”
Press pool spray on July 12, 2017:
“Don is —as many of you know Don— he’s a good boy. He’s a good kid. And he had a meeting, nothing happened with the meeting. It was a short meeting as he told me —because I only heard about it two or three days ago…”
New York Times interview on July 19, 2017:
“No, I didn’t know anything about the meeting. It must have been a very important —must have been a very unimportant meeting, because I never even heard about it. …No, nobody told me. I didn’t know noth—It’s a very unimportant— sounded like a very unimportant meeting.
Tweet on July 27, 2018:
“NO,… I did NOT know of the meeting with my son, Don jr. Sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated jam (Taxi cabs maybe?). He even retained Bill and Crooked Hillary’s lawyer. Gee, I wonder if they helped him make the choice!”

…then the denials of Trump Jr….

Statement on July 9, 2017:
“…The meeting lasted approximately 20 to 30 minutes. As it ended, my acquaintance apologized for taking up our time. That was the end of it and there was no further contact or follow-up of any kind. My father knew nothing of the meeting or these events.”
Fox News interview on July 11, 2017:
“No. It was such a nothing, there was nothing to tell. I mean, I wouldn’t have remembered it until you start scouring through the stuff. It was —it was literally just a wasted 20 minutes, which was a shame.”
Senate Judiciary Committee testimony on September 7, 2017:
QUESTION: Did you tell your father about this email?
TRUMP JR.: I did not.
QUESTION: …Why wouldn’t you share it with your father, given your response that you loved it, especially later in the summer?
TRUMP JR.: Because I wouldn’t bring him anything that’s unsubstantiated, especially from a guy like Rob, before I knew what it was actually about myself.
Senate Judiciary Committee testimony on September 7, 2017:
QUESTION: Has he (your father) ever told you whether he saw this e-mail or knew about this meeting?
TRUMP JR.: Not that I recall, no.
QUESTION: And that is something you would recall?
TRUMP JR.: Certainly not at the time. So, I mean obviously he’s aware of it now because he’s read it, it’s been in the papers, but that’s the extent of my knowledge of his knowledge of it.
Senate Judiciary Committee testimony on September 7, 2017:
QUESTION: Did he ask you —did he indicate to you that he hadn’t known about the meeting before? Did he say why wasn’t I told about the meeting?
TRUMP JR.: No, he didn’t.
QUESTION: Did you find that odd?
TRUMP JR.: No, because he wasn’t aware of it, and, frankly, by the time anyone was aware of it, which was summer of this year, as I stated earlier, I wouldn’t have wanted to get him involved in it because it had nothing to do with him.

…and Trump personal lawyer Jay Sekulow…

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