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The Best New Years Resolution Memes for 2020

New Year's is all about spending time with your friends, family, and thinking about how you can be a better person. Who am I kidding? It's about pretending to be better for a day or so, and then going back to your old ways and focus on New Years resolution memes instead of actually doing work.

Plus, most of the memes feature the Great Gatsby because we are back in the roaring 20s after all. So, wish everyone a happy New Year, and scout social media for the best memes for this new decade.

What's a resolution?

Dogs talking are always funny. Also, trying to explain society's weird traditions like "resolutions" or the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade sounds insane. Think about it, the world completes it's orbit around the sun and we somehow believe that we're gonna be better people even if we don't change at all. Hilarious.

Kylie Jenner said it.

We never stop learning. We never truly stop realizing stuff. So, make sure 2020 is really about realizing stuff. Or, the year we finally stop keeping up with the Kardashians. Either one is fine. Losing weight is too cliche. Instead focus on personal growth and make Google your new best friend.

"New me"

Some people gracefully slide into a new year with purpose and nice resolutions. Others (*cough me cough*) kinda slip and fall into the new year while being the same old person. Meaning we haven't changed one bit, and we're probably going to keep being a mess. Kinda like that girl. Face first and with no preparation whatsoever.

Get it together!

Yeah, we can take some baby steps towards being a good person. Or, hear me out, we can just be a good person. Say please and thank you, clean up after yourself, and sometimes think about other people. It's not that hard! But seriously, just trying to get your life together and actually taking action is better than making a list of resolutions and letting it gather dust while hanging on the fridge.

Expectations vs. Reality

We all know that the expectations are usually boring and unattainable. No one is actually meal prepping and going to the gym for the rest of the year. So, just focus on reality. And, if reality is you sitting on a couch and eating chips while re-watching "The Office" then let it be that. Wonder what Michael Scott's resolutions would be? Probably to be better at improv. Which is a terrible resolution to be honest.


Let me tell you, "new year, new me" has never worked. We all know you're gonna try to be a better person, and by the end of January you'll be complaining to your friends about that annoying coworker who microwaves fish in the break room. Plus, we all know the only reason you're going through memes is because you are still hungover after the New Year's eve party.


It's 2020. If your pictures are still blurry you're doing something wrong. Technology is more advance than ever and you can always use a YouTube tutorial to figure out Photoshop. Just use the right resolution so I can scroll through Instagram without having to squint.


You all spend way too much time on Reddit. Especially when you're supposed to be working. It is normal for that to be your New Year's resolution. But let's be honest, you're not changing. You're still going to spend hours in a Reddit hole, reading about insane Star Trek conspiracy theories and looking at memes. And, if you find any good ones please send them my way.

Year vs. decade

Fight all you want about whether the decade ends with 2019 or 2020, but it's still terrifying to see 10 years of our life just fly by. Especially since this happened to be a very intense decade for many. Which seems obvious. Ten years are many years. Anyway, it's a shock to all we've made it this far, hopefully we kick butt in the next one.

Before talking

More people should think before speaking but some people's brains are just not connected to their mouths. We don't need people thinking they're gonna eat healthy or exercise daily. We need more people who think about what they're saying, or writing, or tweeting. Especially tweeting.