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National Spaghetti Day 2018: Best Homemade Spaghetti Recipes

How doers one celebrate spaghetti, a dish that’s popular all around the world and can be served a multitude of ways? On National Spaghetti Day, celebrated each year on Jan. 4, the pasta that’s rooted in hundreds of years of history gets recognition.

If you’re looking for a means of celebrating National Spaghetti Day, crafting your own homemade pasta is a great place to start. If you have no idea where to start, consider following these best homemade spaghetti recipes.

With the right tools and ingredients, you can have a heaping dish of homemade spaghetti on the table.

Gluten-Free Spaghetti

Made from all-purpose gluten-free flour, this spaghetti caters to a crowd sensitive to gluten. It’s a simpler recipe balanced by tapioca starch, extra virgin olive oil, eggs, and water. The product is a firm dough that can easily be cut into the thin strips needed for a fresh spaghetti.

Once cut and boiled to an al-dente texture, the gluten-free dough is a surprisingly flavorful spaghetti that goes well with all kinds of sauces.

Vegan Spaghetti

In this age of increased veganism, even pasta is getting the egg-less treatment. Made from semolina flour, this delicious vegan pasta is a simple three ingredients and can be easily rolled out and cut into strips of spaghetti.

All you need is semolina flour, white whole wheat or whole-wheat pastry flour, and a little room temperature water to bring this Italian concoction to life. Pair it with a vegan sauce for a great and flavorful dish.

Basic Spaghetti

White flour, salt, and eggs are all you’ll need to create this incredibly simple spaghetti. If you’re looking for a more complex recipe, this most certainly isn’t it. This basic recipe creates a very basic pasta that can easily be rolled out and cut to a desired size.

The flavor of this pasta comes with whatever you decide to pair it with. A red sauce sticks nicely for an easy-to-make meal.

Herb Spaghetti

Gather fresh herbs, salt, flour, eggs, and cool water for a pasta that’s both unique and full of flavor. The green-speckled spaghetti goes well with a pesto sauce, which amplifies the herb flavor of the pasta itself. The secret is to coarsely chop the dried herbs so they blend well with the flour and egg for the best balance of flavor.