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GOP Rep Caught Slamming Biden on Fox but Praising Him on CNN—And It's Not the First Time

GOP Rep Caught Slamming Biden on Fox but Praising Him on CNN—And It's Not the First Time
CNN // Fox News

In the harshly-divided 117th Congress, freshman Republican Representative Nancy Mace of South Carolina has struggled to preserve the moderate brand she presented when campaigning as a Republican for a post-Trump GOP.

But critics say Mace's idea of moderation has manifested in a clumsy effort to play both sides.

Mace voted against Trump and his allies' efforts to throw out the electoral votes of Pennsylvania and Arizona, but voted against Trump's subsequent second impeachment. She said that, during the Capitol insurrection, she barricaded in her office and feared being targeted by Trump supporters, but then downplayed the attack when Democratic members of Congress expressed the fear they felt that day. She's had Twitter fights with far-right representatives like Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, and progressive ones like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.

And, in two separate appearances on CNN and the conservative Fox News network, Mace presented two very different evaluations of President Joe Biden's job performance less than one month apart.

Watch below.

On CNN a few weeks ago, Mace said:

"I had to have a vaccination to enter into all of those countries, I've had four COVID tests in the last seven days, and so the Biden Administration is taking I believe safe steps to keep the American people safe as we work through the challenges ahead."

But on Fox this week, she claimed:

"I can’t think of one good thing that President Biden has done for this country in his first year in office, unless of course if you like inflation. Inflation is up at the highest it's been in 39 years. If you like illegal immigration, well, President Biden is allowing hundreds of thousands of immigrants across the border every single month. And COVID? Good luck getting tested when Omnicron [sic] hits your city any day now. It's been failure after failure."

This isn't the first time Mace has signaled an effort to play both sides on the two networks with very different audiences. In that same CNN appearance, Mace urged Americans to get the lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines in order to ward off new variants, but in a Fox appearance that same week, she suggested that the vaccines weren't necessary if one had natural immunity.

Social media users didn't hesitate to call her out.

Some said the dueling positions were indicative of more members of the GOP.

Which one do you think is Mace's genuine stance?