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Conservative Christian Group Instantly Regrets Posting Twitter Poll Asking People If They Want More Christians in Government

Arte & Immagini srl/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images // Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images

Nearly 90 percent of the United States Congress is Christian, and every single President in U.S. history has been Christian, while Christians only make up 65 percent of Americans.

That's not enough representations for the National Association of Christian Lawmakers, a Conservative Christian group dedicated to influencing America's politicians to favor Christianity over constituents.

The group asked their followers in a recent poll:

"Do you believe America would be better off if more Christians served in elected office?"

Things didn't go the way they planned.

With over 30 thousand votes cast, 94 percent of people said that the United States would not be better off with more Christians serving in elected office.

The group knew exactly who to blame for the unfavorable results.

While it's unclear whether or not Satan voted in the poll, people had their reasons for not wanting more devout Christians elected to office—especially the types of far-Right "Christians" touted by NACL.

They were quick to share their opinions.

Today alone, the NACL has retweeted posts from two homophobic preachers: the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, as well as Pastor John Hagee, who once blamed Hurricane Katrina on homosexuality.

For a deeper look into the mechanisms behind evangelicals' fervent support of Conservatism, check out The Immoral Majority, available here.