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'My Big Fat Fabulous Life': Do Buddy and Heather Get Back Together?

The fifth season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life has been drama-filled, but not every crisis has had Whitney at the center. One of the season’s central storylines revolves around Buddy Bell’s struggle with cocaine addiction. After being MIA for a while, Whitney and Buddy’s ex-girlfriend, Heather, learn of Buddy's habitual cocaine use. When she speaks to Buddy’s parents, Whitney finds that he was forced to check into rehab. Throughout all of this, fans of the series have had one lingering question in mind: is there a future for Buddy and Heather?

Even after breaking up with her, Buddy never explicitly said there was no future for him and his former sweetheart. During their trip to Hawaii, however, he admits to Whitney that he has no intention of going back to Heather. In last week’s episode, Whitney relays that information, leading a scorned Heather to find any means possible to forget her beau. The last we saw Heather, she was burning possessions that Buddy gave to her. It’s been a difficult time for both Buddy and Heather, and it certainly looks like even their friendship is on the rocks, but is there a light at the end of the tunnel for the two of them?

For that answer, all we have to do is look to Buddy Bell’s social media. While the two of them are still friends on Facebook, his Instagram is far more telling. On March 11, 2018, Buddy posted a series of images with his new beau, Chelsea Roark. There’s no indication as to how long the two have been together, but there’s no doubt that Whitney’s former roommate is smitten with his new lady.

Fans of the series weren’t too receptive to Buddy’s new relationship, calling out the short span of time between when he broke up with her and started a new relationship. Instagram users like Venuskiedis were happy for the My Big Fat Fabulous Life, but they were also vocal about Heather’s feelings. “[T]hat’s not fair to Heather…she and her kids loved you with all their hearts and she fought so hard for you and then to see this picture so soon after you two split up... its [sic] sad on both ends,” they commented on one of the posts.

Though Heather didn’t seem to post anything in response, Whitney did publish an image with her and Heather. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star has been vocal about her wish that Buddy and Heather get back together, so it’s not ridiculous to think it could have been posted as an indirect response. No comments make a connection between the two posts, but it’s apparent fans really want Heather and Buddy to get back together. User Hesmyeverything_anmore commented, “Boo bear will come round [sic] just give him time love!” Others, like Jennifer089, urge viewers to move on, stating “I suggest people get over the whole [B]uddy and [H]eather relationship.”


To find out if Buddy gives Heather any closure or even reaches out to her, watch My Big Fat Fabulous Life every Tuesday at 8 pm EST on TLC or the TLC app.