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Mother of 1/6 Rioter Calls Out Trump for Not Caring 'One Iota' About Capitol Insurrectionists

Mother of 1/6 Rioter Calls Out Trump for Not Caring 'One Iota' About Capitol Insurrectionists
CNN // Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In the weeks ahead of the deadly failed insurrection against the United States Capitol on January 6, former President Donald Trump repeatedly urged his followers to "fight like hell" in defense of his lies about the validity of the 2020 election.

Even up to the start of the riots, he urged his supporters to march on the Capitol to upend a joint congressional session nationally certifying then-President-elect Joe Biden's victory.

With then-President Trump's endorsement, many of his most devout supporters were convinced they were doing the right thing. They proudly livestreamed their destruction and assured they were "invited" by the President of the United States when they were stopped by security.

Hundreds of Capitol rioters were subsequently arrested, with some begging then-President Trump for a pardon and insisted he had motivated their actions.

Predictably, Trump didn't pardon a single rioter.

Now, a mother of one of the rioters is lamenting her son's devotion to Trump's conspiracy theories, and tearfully noting that Trump doesn't care at all about the ideologically vulnerable supporters who threatened democracy on his behalf.

Watch below.

Capitol attacker's

JoAnn Rowe, mother of Capitol rioter Donovan Crowl, told CNN of her son:

"I love the person he used to be but I despise the person that he is now. He's not my son, and I still have a hard time believing that if he did what he did, if he gets 20 years in prison, he'll be 70 years old before he gets out of there. Trump doesn't care about any of those people that stormed the Capitol for him. He doesn't care one iota about them."

Donovan Crowl—who is awaiting trial on charges for conspiracy, destruction of government property, obstruction of an official proceeding and violent entry or disorderly conduct—told CNN that he felt good about his case, before saying he didn't watch their "garbage" and slamming the door.

People echoed his mother's claims that Trump doesn't care about the supporters who rioted on his behalf.

Few people felt sympathy at her dilemma.

Donovan Crowl, a 50 year old man, says his actions at the Capitol were due to falling in with the "wrong crowd."