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MyPillow Guy Falls for Trump Impersonator's Prank Call Live on Air and People Can't Stop Laughing

MyPillow Guy Falls for Trump Impersonator's Prank Call Live on Air and People Can't Stop Laughing

MyPillow CEO and prominent supporter of former President Donald Trump—Mike Lindell—continues to peddle the lie that Democrats "stole" the 2020 election from Trump through widespread election fraud facilitated by election software companies like Dominion Voting Systems.

Dominion has since sued Lindell for defamation to the tune of over a billion dollars. While most would take that litigation effort as a cue to lie low, Lindell has done anything but.

Weeks after his continued conspiracy theories got him booted from Twitter, Lindell announced the launch of his own social media platform, "Frank", which Lindell claims is a completely free-speech absolutist platform—with more than a few conditions.

Lindell told his followers the site would be available on Monday, but claimed his servers were being "attacked" and instead devoted himself to a two day live stream at the site's URL, promising prospective users they'd soon be able to sign up.

Over the course of the program, Lindell featured disgraced General Mike Flynn and pro-Trump lawyer Alan Dershowitz, among others. He railed against everything from the media to vaccines to the validity of the 2020 election.

But one of the most memorable moments for viewers was the most humiliating for Lindell.

A caller posing as Trump briefly duped Lindell into thinking he was speaking with the former President.

Watch below.

After the caller, in a spot-on Trump impersonation, greeted the panel, an elated Lindell said:

"We have the President here! Our real President, everyone! Hello, Mr. President."

The caller then hurled an expletive and plugged their website, prompting Lindell to hang up, saying:

"I guess that wasn't—you see what they're doing? They're attacking us. They're attacking us...They're attacking into our phones."

While Lindell was certainly dismayed, the internet was cackling.

The entire exchange was quite chaotic.

Lindell claims tens of millions of people have been watching his broadcast.