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MyPillow Guy Roasted for Cringey Online Store Merchandise That Seems Like a Parody but Is Totally Real

MyPillow Guy Roasted for Cringey Online Store Merchandise That Seems Like a Parody but Is Totally Real
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CEO of MyPillow and vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump—Mike Lindell—is one of the few prominent conspiracy theorists still insisting that Trump will retake the White House.

Lindell was recently slapped with a $1.3 billion lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems for his continued lies that Dominion worked with foreign countries and Democratic heavy-hitters to "steal" the 2020 election from Trump.

Throughout Trump's first term, Lindell frequently worked to associate his company with the 45th President, offering pro-Trump and pro-QAnon discount codes.

Now, he's launched MyStore, an avenue of the MyPillow website for people with "great products but have no way of marketing them."

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel mocked the merchandise in a recent segment.

Watch below.

MyPillow Mike’s Amazon Rival, Jimmy Gets Vaccinated and Johnson & Johnson

Kimmel said:

"The pillow man has a lot going on. He's also launching what he believes will be a rival to Amazon called 'MyStore' on the MyPillow website. I spent the whole afternoon going through this and there are some delightful items for sale at MyStore—peanut brittle, naturally; freedom flags, which are 48% more patriotic than regular flags; there's a series of children's books called Donald the Caveman featuring a neanderthal Donald Trump beating an elderly dinosaur with the Constitution."

As Kimmel points out, the items sound satirical—but they're real.

The description for the Donald the Caveman series, one of the children's books available, reads in part:

"After Donald the Caveman drained the Swamp and built the Wall, everyone was happy! Everyone, that is, except the freedom-haters who called themselves 'The Resistance.' Led by an evil sorceress named Madame Miss Speaker, the Resistance tried to contradict everything Donald said to make him seem like a bad leader. These troublemakers even used Fake News to spread the rumor that Donald was working for the Russians!"

People couldn't stop mocking Lindell's latest grift.

As for his claim that MyStore will rival Amazon—a $1.5 trillion company—people are skeptical, to say the least.

MyPillow products have been pulled from stores across the nation due to Lindell's continued public amplification of dangerous conspiracy theories.