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MyPillow Guy Accuses Colorado Dem of 'Committing a Murder' Before Instantly Backtracking When Challenged

MyPillow Guy Accuses Colorado Dem of 'Committing a Murder' Before Instantly Backtracking When Challenged
Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Far-right MyPillow CEO and prominent conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell is known for his delusional claims, particularly his fantasy that the 2020 election was somehow "stolen" by Democrats engaging with election companies and foreign countries to facilitate widespread election fraud.

As is common with conspiracy theorists, Lindell perceives anyone who questions his "evidence" or his motives as criminals or malicious actors. When his election symposium livestream faced technical difficulties, Lindell proclaimed before the audience that they were being "attacked." He continues to claim that he has enough evidence of election fraud to put 300 million people in jail for life—the vast majority of the U.S. population and far more than the number who voted in the 2020 election he claims was fraudulent.

Now, Lindell has set his sights on Colorado's Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold, accusing her of murder on an episode of his LindellTV, before immediately backtracking.

Watch below.

Some context: There's currently an election security investigation being conducted by the FBI in Colorado, after pro-Trump elections officials like the now-indicted Tina Peters, along with Sherronna Bishop, the former campaign manager for far-right Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

Bishop's home recently underwent a court-ordered search from the FBI. For that, Lindell blames Griswold.

He said on the broadcast:

"[Griswold] will end up in prison, prison and more prison. Jena Griswold is a criminal beyond all criminals. One of the most evil people this country's ever seen. Fact, and that's that. ... They've weaponized the FBI, weaponized law enforcement, Jena Griswold has. And she's abused her citizens and now you tell me she's coming up with laws so she can get away with the crime in the future. But I got news for you, Jena. It's too late! You've already committed a murder and we caught you!"

Lindell's cohost looked up from the papers he was shuffling in a frantic attempt to get Lindell to elaborate:

"A murder? A murder? A murder?"

That's when Lindell began backtracking.

"Well, a mur—it's a para—well, it's an analogy."

Once again, Lindell earned himself the mockery of social media.

Some said Lindell, who is already facing multiple defamation lawsuits, opened himself up to further defamation complaints.

Griswold hasn't honored Lindell's accusations with a response.