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MyPillow Guy Blames Conspiracy After Tech Issues Delay His 'Cyber Symposium'—Because of Course


MyPillow CEO Mike LIndell continues to absurdly insist that the 2020 election was "stolen" from former President Donald Trump, having assured for months that he has irrefutable proof to vindicate his election fantasies. He has yet to provide any of this proof.

For weeks, Lindell has been promising revelatory new evidence (for real this time!) to be revealed at his heavily promoted "cyber symposium" in South Dakota, set to be broadcast on his conspiracy website.

But technical difficulties led to a late start, leaving Lindell to improvise for a number of minutes while staff got the broadcast back in working order.

Naturally, Lindell said the broadcast was being "attacked" by those he was threatening to expose.

Watch below.

Lindell told the audience:

"If you're out there right now, if you guys are livestreaming back there, we've been attacked by the—they attacked, we have backup."

For more than a year, daily life in America has been upended by a pandemic that's killed over 600 thousand Americans. As such, millions of Americans have had to participate in virtual meetings and events, and know all-too-well how rampant technical difficulties in live broadcasts are. Unlike Lindell, they usually don't claim they've been "attacked."

It was more of the pillow peddler's nonsense.

Eventually the cyber symposium got back to its (ir)regular programing. So far, the 72 hour event has featured Lindell and fellow conspiracy theorists sitting around a table and promising proof during primetime. It's also been peppered with MyPillow products and Lindell's crackpot delusions.

People rightly aren't taking his absurdities seriously.

Then again, some people still buy into Lindell's nonsense.