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Republican Governor Is Getting Called Out for Postponing Presidential Primary Despite Court Order Saying It Should Go On

Justin Merriman/Getty Images

The rapid spread of COVID-19 across the United States has forced the cancellation of numerous non-essential public events, such as parades, music festivals, and theatrical performances.

But in the swing state of Ohio, even the 2020 presidential primary is facing postponement.

The Ohio Supreme Court struck down a challenge to delay the primary election, ordering that it should be allowed to continue, but Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Ohio Health Director Dr. Amy Acton have ordered polls to close, regardless of the court's decision.

Dewine confirmed the decision on Twitter late Monday night.

Governor DeWine said in a statement:

"During this time when we face an unprecedented public health crisis, to conduct an election tomorrow would would force poll workers and voters to place themselves at a unacceptable health risk of contracting coronavirus."

While COVID-19 should undoubtedly be taken seriously, and non-essential gatherings should be limited, others are concerned that such an abrupt cancellation of a primary is a violation of voting rights and DeWine's disregard for a state Supreme Court ruling is a breach of power.

Some say that the tactic amounts to voter suppression from Republicans, and that the state should have instead facilitated more absentee voting methods.

The dispute between the court and the Governor has led to confusion about the state of the election.

Ohio's Secretary of State is currently hoping to go forward with a later primary in June.