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Michigan Republicans Replace Election Officials Who Certified Biden's Win—Including Members Of Their Own Party

Michigan Republicans Replace Election Officials Who Certified Biden's Win—Including Members Of Their Own Party
Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images; Brian Spurlock/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The oversight of the United States election process falls to local, county and parish officials for the most part. While an election may be federal, tabulation of votes and reporting are done at a municipal and county or parish level prior to reporting to state officials.

The certification of results is supposed to be a process of simple verification of numbers, not deciding if the officials like the outcome. But with the 2020 election, that simple process of counting and certifying has been turned on its head.

The bipartisan members who serve on state and county boards of canvassers in Michigan make election results official by tabulating totals. But in 2020, former Republican President Donald Trump and his allies at state, local and national levels pressured election official in swing states not to certify the presidential election outcome as part of his Big Lie.

In Michigan, local GOP leaders have now moved to replace many of the canvassers who voted to certify the results for Biden in keeping with the requirements of their office and the oaths they swore.

But the Michigan GOP didn't just target Democrats. They went after Republican canvassers, too.

Michelle Voorheis, a Republican canvasser in Genessee County said she wasn't renominated to the position because she pushed back against false allegations of election fraud in 2020.

National Public Radio spoke about this offshoot of Trump's Big Lie and what it could mean for future elections.

You can hear their segment here:

People are unsurprised by the GOP's retaliation against election officials just doing their duty.

Trump pushed for Michigan GOP members to undermine and overturn the results. Joe Biden won Michigan by a wide margin of more than 154,000 votes.

Claiming impropriety based on proof like lawn signs in neighborhoods and rally attendance during a pandemic, those pushing to halt the certification have still not provided a valid reason to question the election results.

Trump lost the popular election to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, but prevailed in the electoral college vote. During his tenure in office, Trump only managed to get above a 50% approval rating—and only on the conservative right-leaning Rasmussen polls—a handful of times.

With his loss of the popular vote in the prior election and lack of popularity outside of his devoted MAGA minions, a Trump loss in 2020 was easy to believe by everyone except Trump and his ardent fans.