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Former Adviser Claims Melania Used Private Email To Conduct Government Business In Irony Of All Ironies

Former Adviser Claims Melania Used Private Email To Conduct Government Business In Irony Of All Ironies
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She allegedly copied Michelle Obama's convention speech in 2016, and now it seems she's copying Hillary Clinton's IT configuration.

A former White House employee has blown the whistle on First Lady Melania Trump, claiming she used a private email server for official government business—the very thing Hillary Clinton was castigated for by Republicans throughout the 2016 campaign and for which President Trump has continued to attack her while in office.

Former advisor Stephanie Winston Wolkoff revealed the tidbit in an interview with The Washington Postwhile promoting her new memoir about her time with the First Lady.

Neither she nor the First Lady used official White House email accounts, according to Wolkoff.

The email details do not appear in Wolkoff's book, Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship With the First Lady. But plenty of revelations apparently do appear--the White House has denigrated the book as "revisionist history."

In her book, Wolkoff details her 15-year friendship with the First Lady, which soured when investigations into Trump's inauguration began. Wolkoff even began recording phone conversations with the First Lady when the investigations intensified.

Speaking with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Wolkoff put it bluntly:

"Melania and the White House had accused me of criminal activity, had publicly shamed and fired me, and made me their scapegoat. At that moment in time, that's when I pressed record."

In light of Wolkoff's allegations, The Post looked into the First Lady's emails and found scores of sensitive business, including government contracts, financial figures and, perhaps most sensitive of all, information about the President's schedules during state visits.

Given the fiery condemnation the President and his supporters regularly lob to this day at Hillary Clinton—who was cleared of any wrongdoing in multiple investigations—the First Lady's email system may seem hypocritical.

And on Twitter, there was no shortage of anger over the hypocrisy.

Many others felt the media should make as big a deal of this email scandal as they did Clinton's.

And some felt that the story would, like all stories against the Trumps tend to do, ultimately lead nowhere.

Melania Trump is far from the only Trump Administration official who has flouted White House email security protocols.

Ivanka Trump used her personal email account for official business—as has Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross—and Jared Kushner conducted state business over WhatsApp.