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Melania Gave Ivanka The Iciest Of Glares During The RNC, And Twitter Is Absolutely Living For It

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Though the television ratings were less than optimal, the final night of the Republican National Convention featured President Donald Trump's eldest daughter and advisor, Ivanka Trump, giving a keynote speech before introducing her father.

Ivanka said during the speech:

"Whether you agree with him or not, you always know where he stands. I recognize that my dad's communication style is not to everyone's taste and I know that his tweets can feel a bit unfiltered, but the results, the results speak for themselves."

She was chastised for describing her father's rhetoric as a "communication style" is "not to everyone's taste," but another moment from after the speech is generating buzz as well.

The moment came as the President took the podium, accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump.

The interaction between Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump made some do a double take.

The First Lady is seen smiling at Ivanka before instantly frowning after her stepdaughter passes.

The moment reminded some of an interaction between Melania Trump and Donald Trump at the latter's inauguration in 2017.

Melania Trump's smile turns into sad frown when Donald turns his back during Inauguration

People instantly began commenting on the interaction.

Naturally, the internet provided countless memes within hours.

Regardless of the rapport between the two, the non-distanced, largely unmasked audience in the South Lawn applauded the presentation.