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Fox News Showed a Split Screen of Trump Watching Melania's RNC Speech and It Was Awkward AF

PBS NewsHour

The Republican National Convention kicked off its second night on Tuesday, featuring President Donald Trump performing executive duties like presidential pardons and naturalization ceremonies, introducing a slew of ethical questions in the process.

The final speaker of the night was First Lady Melania Trump, who gave her address to a loosely distanced, mostly maskless crowd in the newly-renovated Rose Garden. The nearly 30 minute speech left some with the impression that it could've withstood a few cuts.

As the speech went on, conservative television network Fox News presented a split screen between the First Lady's speech and the President reacting to it.

The result was awkward to say the least.

As Mrs. Trump hailed Trump's educational policies, the President sat sternly with his arms crossed and a noticeable frown.

People began speculating on the meaning behind the President's body language.

Mrs. Trump, who endorsed her husband's racist birther conspiracy against former President Barack Obama in the past, was lauded by some of the press for a speech they claimed "restored a sense of normalcy."

While the speech may have been less erratic and foreboding than other speakers at the convention so far, people weren't happy with the pass she was given.

The third night of the Republican Convention begins on Wednesday, featuring speeches by Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence.