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Meghan McCain Perfectly Shames Ivanka for Her Defense of Trump's 'Communication Style' During Her RNC Speech

Meghan McCain Perfectly Shames Ivanka for Her Defense of Trump's 'Communication Style' During Her RNC Speech
Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images // Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

President Donald Trump has long despised the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ). During the 2016 campaign, Trump questioned the hero status McCain had been awarded for his years as a prisoner of war, with Trump saying he preferred people who didn't get captured.

Trump seethed against McCain when the late Senator was the deciding vote to preserve Obamacare, the magnum opus of the man who defeated him for the Presidency in 2008.

When McCain died in 2018, the President waited until national outcry before lowering the White House flags to half staff, and later implied that McCain was in hell.

So it's likely no surprise that some members of McCain's family have endorsed or implied endorsement of Trump's 2020 rival, Democratic nominee Joe Biden. McCain's wife, Cindy McCain, even provided some narration at the Democratic National Convention.

Meanwhile, Meghan McCain is calling out Trump's daughter and advisor, Ivanka Trump, for her dismissal of Trump's rhetoric as his "communication style" in the final night of the Republican National Convention.

Watch the moment below.

Ivanka Trump said:

"I recognize that my dad's communication style is not to everyone's taste. I know that his tweets can feel a bit unfiltered. But the results—The results speak for themselves."

McCain was having none of it, and called out the use of the term "communication style."

McCain's analysis is rooted in fact, even beyond what Trump said about her father.

Trump's frequent rants against his perceived enemies inspired one of his supporters, Cesar Sayoc, to mail pipe bombs to numerous people and entities the President decried on Twitter. The El Paso shooter, who targeted Hispanics in Texas, largely echoed anti-immigrant rhetoric from Trump.

Most recently, Trump supporter Kyle Rittenhouse killed two protesters and injured a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin after months of Trump decrying protests against police brutality.

People largely agreed with McCain's take.

But people did concede one point to Ivanka Trump: that the results of the President's first term, indeed, speak for themselves.